Saturday, May 5, 2018

I Win

 Valerie left me a comment that said her mom told her that "whoever dies with the biggest stash wins". I'm claiming that prize right now. Since I'm off buying more yarn today I thought I'd share my shame. Here is my sock yarn bin. I couldn't fit it all in the photo.

 I have yarn on shelves all over the house.

 I can't show you all of the stash closet because of the warping board but it's full.

The tip top shelf is covered in Knit Picks boxes.

 I have shelves of their kits. I am such a sucker for kits. I never knit them. I just collect them.

 I've got Elan too.

 These sealed packs are too pretty to open so I'll never use them. I have three of them. Crazy, right?

 This yarn must be over 25 years old. I bought it when I was knitting for my kids. My oldest is 40. I've got six boxes of it.

 Up on the top shelves where I cure the soap is this big basket of Palette all sorted by color.

My expensive lace yarn is stored carefully in these baskets.

I see you. See that snowman bag hanging there all innocently? Yep. Yarn. Full of even more laceweight just in case I want to make another Pi shawl. None of this is counting the three bins of acrylic that are downstairs or what's tucked away in the living room side tables.
Tomorrow I guess I'll be showing you the new addition(s). I should have my head examined.


  1. Cannot see your weaving yarn stash. I have underbed box and half a closet full of cones :)
    Taking into account that since i got back to stitching I weave one project per year - 2,5 towels in 2017 :)

  2. My take on it is you are not doing harm to yourself or others.....knit on.
    (Thanks for sharing all the yarn and just be sure to put clear instructions in your will for the stash disbursement!)

  3. You go girl!!!! I can't wait to see the new additions! This is all perfectly normal....I promise. ;-)

  4. Oh. My. Goodness! You have me beat, hands down. If you ever want to do some destashing I’ll be here raising my hands. :-). How wonderful to shop in your own yarn store.

  5. Looks like a clear winner to me! 😊😍

  6. Hey, it makes you happy. I had to laugh at the oldest yarn that you knit with for your kids. There are far worse things to collect. You are always creating so I think your stash is a great thing.

  7. You are definitely in the lead! :)
    Have a wonderful time at the festival!

  8. Probably we ALL need our heads examined when it comes to yarn. LOL But, I can't wait to see what you add to the collection.

  9. Wow, I can't believe it; I do think you have me beat! Here everyone thinks I have a lot of yarn; sure wish you were closer as I'd send 'em over for a look-see! We both need to live to 800 or so?

  10. Now that is a stash! I am whittling mine down very slowly. I am under 19,000 yards in my stash, so much has been used or donated. I have not bought yarn since the beginning of December and that was only to finish a project. I am determined to use up what I bought and loved at one time. Still if I was going to a wonderful festival I sure would be tempted.

  11. Not a bad vice to have! Looking forward to seeing what you got at MDSW