Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial Day at the Beach

 It's been too hot to take Pup down to the beach. Last week the boardwalk was blistering. Yesterday we had a narrow window of time in the early morning when it was cloudy so we headed down for a quick stroll. The crab boats were already coming in with their day's catch.

A lot of crabs get eaten here this holiday weekend. These are not ours. We're having pizza. The Mister had a coupon.

 The community gardens were all in bloom. Little flags were stuck everywhere.

 The flowers are pretty but this weekend it's all about the bunting.

The place is covered in it. There will be lots of ceremonies today at the different memorials around town. It's a weekend of opposites. Serious and silly.

That eyesore of a water park on the corner is now open and the place is crawling with half dressed tourists. I like the beach best in winter when it's just us. Three months and counting.....


  1. I had to laugh about your "half-dressed" tourist comment. Having lived in Orlando for over 30 years .... well, let's just say .... I TOTALLY understand!!! (Nobody needs to see that much skin in public.)

  2. Yeah, the beach can be blistering in the afternoon-your morning walk sounds perfect!
    Have a good day.

  3. Such terrible flooding is happening up your way. We are fine here in Florida despite all the ridiculous hype, they blew this storm way, way out of proportion.

  4. LOL, I understand the desire to enjoy the area without lots of tourists. This is the season when they arrive here with massive campers and struggle with mountain driving. I'm glad they visit, but I'm also happy to see the season end.

  5. It is a rather polar opposite weekend isnt it? I love bunting. I'd love a flag bunting for our screened porch.

  6. I can certainly agree with your feelings about the water park! We lived on Cape Cod for five years and the influx of visitors was wonderful for the economy but difficult for those of us who lived there year-long! Shopping at 11pm was quite usual and trips really had to be carefully planned to get places on time due to the heavy traffic. Fall was my favorite season!

  7. Beautiful photos! I thought of you when I turned the news on and saw the terrible flooding and rain, I hope all is well. Lots of sunshine here this weekend. I’m glad to see people remembering the reason for the day Today with the flags and bunting.

  8. Ugh. Tourists are the worst! We used to live in wine country, so we got drunk, snobby tourists!