Monday, April 30, 2018

Fleeced Again

My fleece washing days are coming to an end. As soon as those leaves fill in we won't have sun again until late fall.

 Saturday was a half decent day so I decided I better get moving. Amelia, the Jacob, was the next in line. She doesn't look very promising in this photo I'm sorry to say.

She looks much better in the bag.

 I set up pans and buckets of soapy water on the deck and scrubbed the morning away.

I call it my snowball method. I just grab a handful of dirty fleece, dump it in soapy hot water and squish it into a big snowball.

 After 2 washes and 3 rinses it comes out pretty clean. In that bright sunshine it dried very quickly.

I didn't get to card it because I still had Shetland to do from the last washing.

 Dirty Nora is now 8 pretty batts. Now I just need a free wheel.


  1. Oh my! Amelia looks like a messy girl too, but didn't Dirty Nora come out quite pretty. She looks so soft and squishy!

  2. Delicious color!!

    Freezing here this morning...well 42, but it feels so cold!

  3. Nice fluff! I just love the look of pretty batts waiting for their spin on a wheel! Seriously....I just love it when my wheel room is filled with fluff in waiting. It's such a happy sight.

  4. Amelia turned out quite nice didn’t she? And Nora’s color is gorgeous. Maybe you need another wheel? Ha! Blessings,

  5. Another great color and your tutorial from shorn to yarn never ceases to amaze me.

  6. Well done! I'm anxious to see how Amelia spins.