Sunday, April 29, 2018

Two By Two

 I seem to be working in pairs these days. I've got two dishcloths done. The one on the right has been through the wash several times to shrink it up. The purple one is just off the needles. Next up is the orange cotton. I want a pile of them.

 I'm working on two sleeves.

 Then there are the two socks being reknit.

I have two Dear Jane blocks to show. One done. The other is very fiddly. It's going to take a while.

Finally, I have two new art journal pages done. I learned to love washi tape with this one. I admit to being late to this craze.

 Those flowers are watercolor splotches with pen and ink doodling that I glued into the journal. I finished it with a stamped border. I wonder what it says about me that I can't ever work on just one thing at a time. Should I be worried? Nah...


  1. Nope! No worries. The more projects, the merrier!

    Love your flowers with ink doodles!

  2. Handmade dishcloths are the best! Plus they work up quickly unlike most other projects such as, oh I don't know, socks. I may have mine done in time for next winter :) Love the art pages, looks fun.

  3. Love all your projects! You are one busy lady, but everything is lovely!

  4. Having a variety of projects keeps them all fresh. I love all that you have in the works.

  5. Love your dishcloths. I knit square one but wouldn't mind smth fancy.

  6. Don't worry-do what your journal page says-SMILE!
    (I just learned what washi tape is and have yet to actually purchase any!)

  7. I love ALL of your projects. I really like washi tape. I’ve just discovered it and use it all of the time. You can never have too many projects.

  8. I wouldn't worry.....I'm finding the more things I have going the more I get going! LOL But then I'm a little on the whacky side.