Thursday, April 19, 2018

Ikea Fail

The Mister and I should never be allowed in Ikea again. We made giant fools of ourselves on the phone with them yesterday.

The story started on Tuesday, when on a ridiculously cold and windy day, we decided to go out on the deck and cut the wood for the trim. I have to say, it was my lowest point in the whole remodeling. I was not a happy camper but it got done and it looks great.

 Next up was the giant mirrored wall cabinet I wanted to go over the sink.

It seemed easy enough but nothing was fitting together as it should. The holes were all in the wrong place.

After struggling for a few hours, The Mister called Ikea and complained. They said the only thing we could do was pack the defective unit up and bring it back for an exchange. The Mister was not happy. As we were taking it all apart and packing it up, we noticed.....hmmmm. The boards we thought were all the same size were in fact an inch or so shorter than each other. Oh, my. We had the wrong boards in the wrong place. It took no time at all to put it together right. We felt so stupid.

THEN....after getting the thing together we realized it was BIGGER than the wall it needed to fit on. The Ikea measurement of the unit and the actual measurement were not the same. By this time we were ready to set the thing on fire so I let The Mister take it out back and just cut it down to size. I ordered a wood pencil that is supposed to be the same color with hope that it will fix all the splinters from the cut.

The new Ikea lighting unit that sits on top of the cabinet is next. Wish us luck.


  1. I so detest putting things like this together. You are both patient people. I like IKEA furniture but don’t enjoy the assembly. Good luck.

  2. Yikes.....what a hassle! Can't wait to see it all done though. I'm totally into this bathroom redo. ;-)

  3. I've never met a piece of Ikea furniture that I could assemble properly on the first try. I keep going back for more though.

  4. We always have an issue with missing pieces! Thank goodness your husband was able to cut it to size. Can't wait to see it finished and good luck with the lighting!

  5. I detest putting these kits together. You should receive a medal for even going down that road! Can't wait to see it all put up though :)

  6. If it is not already assembled, just forget about it for me. You make me laugh Deb. SOrry though that it frustrated you.

  7. I am impressed with each stumbling block you guys overcome in this bathroom renovation. Am sure the end result is going to make it all worthwhile.

  8. I spent many hours crawling around on the floor assembling furniture over the years. I always had problems and extra pieces! Never again.

  9. Oh no - at least you guys can work together. Dave and I would murder each other! Calling Ikea won't help with that!

    I usually do projects like that when he's not home. When he finally gets home, I make him tighten all the screws.