Monday, April 16, 2018


 Pup had to go to the vet's for a check up and shots last month. While going over her file the vet questioned what breed she was.

She is big. Bigger than a Yorkie should be. She is also heavy. Solid like a beagle. She's no lap dog.

 I bought her from a backyard breeder as a Parti Yorkie. That is a Yorkshire that has a certain gene that makes it white. I didn't buy her because I wanted that particular breed.

I bought her because she was cute. I saw her on an ebay classified at 2 am and knew she was going to be mine. Until now I didn't really care what she was but now the vet had me worried. For reasons I can't explain I didn't ask to see her parents the day I picked her up. It never crossed my mind. The vet had me feeling like a fool and even changed her file to "mixed breed terrier".

The vet did have a point. She didn't fit the profile of the breed so we shouldn't be feeding her like a 10 pound dog if she should be 13-which she is. So we went home and did some homework and decided to have her tested by the most reputable (and expensive) company out there.

It's been 6 weeks of anxious waiting for the results. Is she a stocky mixed breed or an overweight Yorkie?

Oh, dear. The results are in. Pup is 100% Yorkie. Her entire family tree is Yorkie. All of her DNA is Yorkie. I've got pages and pages of fancy shmancy science talk that tells me, that in spite of her size and floppy ears, she is indeed a very purebred Yorkie with happily no genetic markers for inherited diseases-and they test for hundreds of them. The results are very impressive.

I can't wait to go back to the vet's and rub it into her face but the victory is hollow. That makes me the owner of a very overweight Yorkie. Shame on me.


  1. I had no idea that they had DNA tests for dogs. Hmmm. Maybe you should put Pup on a diet before confronting the vet. :-).
    Well, no matter what breed Pup is or isn’t, she is really cute. Her photos are so sweet and she looks very loving. That’s the most important thing I think. Hugs to such a sweet Pup.

  2. Whatever breed she is . . . she is ADORABLE!

  3. I am laughing so hard-she is what she is-we all come in different sizes and shapes! lol
    Give her a hug!

  4. She is so cute. My pets have often been over-weight.

  5. I love her, no matter what kind of pup she actually is!

  6. What a sweet face and an adorable companion. I can clearly see why you fell in love with her.

  7. All the more to love and snuggle with! That's a good thing. She doesn't look over weight in her pictures just adorable. I've had several Yorkies over the years and some were bigger than others. Louie's breeder had Parti Yorkies too but she wanted a bigger fortune for them. LOL It's that Yorkie personality that gets me.....not so much their size or color. I just love that sassy, loyal little personality!! ;-)

  8. She is just adorable! I have to say that she does not look overweight in the photos.

  9. She's adorbs!

    And don't stress too much about her being overweight - she might just be big for her breed. Lady is a pure-bred Lab - females are usually around 60 lbs, males around 80-90... but at Lady's ideal weight - she was a solid 90 lbs, and there wasn't an ounce of extra fat on her - she was just an outlier for the breed.

    In other words - pup isn't fat - she's just big-boned!

  10. Oh you are so scientific! Ha! She is adorable in every way. . I love her coloring. Yorkies rock

  11. She is so adorable. And maybe she just has big bones, well big bones for a Yorkie, she looks pretty fit to me.