Saturday, April 14, 2018

Wild and Woolly Part 1

It was a windows open type of day yesterday so The Mister painted the wood that will be the bathroom trim in the basement.

 It's a one man job so I decided to tackle the fleece shed. It was a mess. Now it's all tidy.

 I had five old fleeces to deal with. It was either wash them or pitch them.

 Amelia was put aside for washing. She is a Jacob.

 Winston has been washed and spun and knit into a vest. I put it aside for washing since it made a lovely yarn.

 Nora is a very dirty girl.

This is Nora. I love it when shepherds put pictures and personal info on the sheep in with the fleece.

 She's getting a good soaking. I'll wash her tomorrow.

This is a giant Merino that I have neglected for too long. It has yellowed and gotten stiff. Yuck.

 It needed immediate attention. I set up a washing station on the deck. It was too icky for the sink.

In no time I had reduced it to a bunch of soapy bundles. Come back tomorrow to see the rest of this story. It was a very good day.


  1. I particularly liked the last part of your post. Loved seeing the fiber from the sheep. You are a very generous lady

  2. Looked like a very busy day as well! How neat that they put pictures of the sheep in with the wool. Hope you had some relaxation tonight :)

  3. Can't wait to follow the process! Nora is such a beautiful sheep!

  4. Love all that crimp on Winston! I'm gearing up for a bit of fleece washing myself. Oh and nice job on the fleece shed. It looks immaculate!

  5. I'm interested in this process. What causes a fleece to "yellow"?

    1. I am no expert but the yellow is either old lanolin that has dried or a bacteria that grows in warm conditions on the fleece. Both are removed by a good scouring.

  6. One of the many things I love about you: you go from sheep to sweater. You amaze me.

  7. Can't wait to see your new bathroom. It's going to be lovely!

  8. So much work! I think I'll stick to buying all the beautiful indie yarn out there. Sometimes I real like I am buying ALL the yarn.
    Your package arrived safe and sound yesterday and I'll post a proper thank you tomorrow -- when there will be plenty of time to post as winter has returned with a vengeance!

  9. Doesn't it feel great to knock a few chores off the list?

    Nora may have been dirty, but she sure is cute!

  10. What fun! Your wool shed looks great now!
    I am out of fleece and this makes me have a fleece-envy! lol

  11. That sounds like quite a complicated process!