Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Scratching an Itch

 See those tubs? They are all my handknit sweaters. I never unpacked them this year. We went from summer to winter and then back to summer again and then back to winter. No sweater weather.

 Even so, I've had the itch to start a sweater. When I did grab a sweater this year it was a big comfy pullover. For some reason I am always knitting cardigans but what I really like to wear are pullovers. I just so happened to have this big bag of yarn in the stash so I went looking for a pattern.

Meet Flor de Jerez by Thea Colman. It's big and comfy but also a little fancy. I think it's going to make a good warm weather knit thanks to the pale pink color.

 Of course I have to pay the piper. Two rows on that horrible thumb.

One row on Tracery. That's what I have to do before I get to pick up the new project.

I've never really mentioned my Netflix knitting. I've got this giant shawl thing going on. I'm on my third skein of Lion Brand Homespun so I think I'm coming to it's conclusion. I'm also on my second season of Happy Valley. Yowza. It's intense.

I am also still working on the cute little dishcloth. Knitting is feeling good again.


  1. How fun! I think I would like. Comfy pullover too for next winter. Maybe I’ll go pattern “crawling” soon. Tracery I should growing isn’t it?

  2. I love it when the knitting gets focused again-I love what you have on the needles!
    Enjoy the new project pullover!

  3. That's a lovely colour for the new sweater!

  4. I'm thrilled your knitting is back. WOw that sweater is not simple. You will knit it up beautifully.

  5. What a wonderful package you sent me! Everything looks and smells just luscious. Looking forward to using the soaps, lip balm and lotion bar. You are so very generous and talented. Thank you for my surprise package. Love the color of the sweater you have just started. Looking forward to seeing how it progresses. Again, thank you for your generosity! (And the card is lovely and not one wrinkle or crushed corner.)

  6. I wear cardigans. I just get too hot in pullovers. But there are so many beautiful pullovers that I'd love to knit.
    Those mittens are worth all the fuss. They are so pretty.
    Climate change here is good for handknits. It's April 18 and we are in middles of a snow storm -- up to 7 inches predicted!

  7. I like the new sweater pattern and the pretty pale pink color too. I agree it will make a nice warm weather all we need is the warm weather. ;-) We've only been getting bits and peices of it here.

  8. Fantastic projects on the needles.