Tuesday, April 10, 2018

And...They're Off!

 The mailers showed up late Sunday afternoon giving me all day Monday to wrap and package.

 There was a glitch. The mailers are terribly flimsy. The Mister came up with the idea of adding a thick piece of cardstock as a stiffener.

 The soap could survive it but I was worried about the cards. They may still be bent but I tried people, I tried. Shipping things is hard. It's why I would never think of selling any of this stuff. Who knows what shape it will be in when it gets to you.

For all you folks who will be receiving the lip balm, keep in mind that it may not be your cup of tea. It's a new formula and honestly I'm not sure how much I like it. I do know, it being just a soft lotion bar, that it makes a great cuticle cream with the added bonus of having flavor oils for us nervous nail biters.

I want to thank everybody who responded. I took two batches to the post office yesterday and will be taking the more down today and tomorrow. The lotion bars and lip balm went fast but there is still plenty of soap in all the scents to go around if anyone else is interested.

And for all you folks who are not on Ravelry and who have asked, of course you are welcome to rescue some soap. I now have an email address just for soap:


Email me your mailing info and your choices and I'll get them out to you asap!


  1. Your soap really IS sale-worthy. Have you thought about having a table at a local/farmer-type market. I bet you would clean up!!! (Sorry-not sorry for the very bad pun.)

  2. You are amazing! Everything will be arriving just fine, I'm sure! Thank you!

  3. If I didn't have allergies, I would have loved the soap. Your generosity is wonderful. Thanks!

  4. Yes! You could definitely sell your soap. I have never had it arrive in a poor condition. Your generousity to all of us is amazing. That you so much.

  5. You are so sweet and generous with your gifts of soap and beautiful unique cards!!! I'd be worried about the mail and going pro too, but you are already a pro

  6. I'm sure it will be fine. I'll keep a watch out for it and thank you for treating us all to your wonderful soaps, lotions and lip balms!

  7. I'm ridiculously excited! You are very kind to treat all of us. I think the farmer's market idea is a good one - no shipping :)

  8. Your soap is wonderful, and so are you. Thank you for your kind generosity. I agree with others that you could easily sell your soap!

  9. Thank you for your wonderful soaps and cards! You are the BEST!!!

    -Mary S