Saturday, April 21, 2018

Odds and Ends

 There's been stuff going on even though it's all been slow going thanks to all the bathroom drama. We've been working way past 2 so we can get this thing wrapped up.

 This is all I have gotten done on the latest weaving project. It looks great but it's very fiddly. I can only concentrate long enough to get a few rows done a night.

 This is all I have of the April block of the Little Sheep Virtues. My goal is to have the border done and the words. I need to pick up the pace.

This is the latest Dear Jane block. It took forever. See all those little wings hanging out? That means a lot of fiddly seams. It was a bear.

 I have all the interior borders finished and am starting the outers. I am listening to I'll Be Gone in the Dark while I am working on it and it's a real page turner so this project is flying by.

 My free motion quilting has been branching out. I'm taking risks on Daddio's wedding ring lap quilt and I like it. I think he would have too.

Finally, I have to thank Witchknits for this amazing surprise. It is a beautiful light and lacy shawl. I am a big shawl wearer in this drafty old house so this is very much appreciated. It will get tons of use.

I also have to thank Sandy for this adorable apron and project bag. I live in aprons and this one is so darn cute. I am also fighting the urge to start a project that matches that bag because that's how I do things.
Ladies, I can't thank you both enough!


  1. I as was wonderful seeing all of your projects. I especially love the weaving. Those are “my” colors. The gifts are very nice too. I really like the apron. I love aprons too and wear them often.

  2. What talent you have! I, too, have several unfinished projects of a different art - mine is in children's book writing. I keep telling myself I need to pick up the pace, but somehow creativity has to take its own timetable.

  3. Love the weave, it's beautiful! What great care packages too!

  4. The weaving looks great-so what if it is slow! Same with the cross stitch.
    Nice to get gifts in the mail-you do it for us so often!!!!

  5. Wow! You're really getting good at the free motion quilting and that weave is gorgeous too. I'll say it amaze me with all your crafting abilities!

  6. Such nice gifts. I'm sure it was fun getting such beautiful surprises in the mail.

  7. All of your projects are amazing: I'm in awe at the variety of your talents.