Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Wild LIfe

My rolling garden experiment is working pretty well but adjustments had to be made when we finally figured out just what the sun was doing up there. 

My plan was to sit my cucumbers on this stump and have them grow down it. The Mister trimmed if off to make it level but then we realized there would not be enough sun for cucumbers in this spot.

As you can see the cukes have been doing just fine in the cart following the sun so we needed to figure out how to keep them in there.

They were sharing the cart with the kale and the chard but since they don't need as much sun as the cukes we did a switcheroo. 

The kale and chard are now under their bug and varmint net on the stump which gets about 6 hours of sun a day. 

The cukes now have the wagon all to themselves. Now they've got plenty of room to spread out.

The tomatoes have really taken off too. We've already got several flowers so we take their varmint net off during the day so the bees can do their thing. 

Speaking of varmints....look what is happening to my hostas.

The poor things are ready to bloom and the deer have eaten half of them to the ground already.

As if that wasn't bad enough meet Boris. He/she is a turkey vulture that's been showing up here since the lockdown every day for a meal. If I forget, it knocks on the door. At this very moment it is knocking on the skylights in the living room to remind me to bring it out a plate. It even joins in with the outdoor kitties if they are eating at the same time. They pay it no attention at all. I am thinking it must be from a wildlife rescue situation. It doesn't seem to have a flock and is way too comfortable with humans. After its meal it sits on the roof and spreads it wings in the sun and looks quite content. Crazy, right? 


  1. Oh my word ............now you have a rescue VULTURE! LOL

    I have to say ........that's one of the best looking vultures I've ever seen. Apparently, the vittles are pretty good at your house.

  2. Brilliant fix the the cucumber issue. Now each plant will get the sunshine it needs to flourish. Sorry about the hosta. I've had that issue at the lake and quit planting some things.
    And finally...I love Boris. What a charmer. He must be quite tame and you are a sweetheart for feeding him too. he knows a good thing when he sees it. And he definitely looks like a Boris. :-)

  3. Yikes on the turkey vulture!! Those are BIG birds (and not all that attractive...). Glad you figures out your greens and cucumber situation. Your produce is going to be wonderful!!

  4. Looks like your produce is coming along! Your diner must have more regular hours! He looks like a huge bird!

  5. Boris is a hoot and a bit creepy. Glad he/she doesn’t bother the cats.

  6. Oh my! You now have a pet turkey vulture! That's awesome!

  7. Your portable garden plants look so healthy. Looks like you have resolved all issues and should have some delicious vegetables. I have never seen a turkey vulture. Sounds like he picked the right place and has made himself at home.

  8. LOL, I'm not sure what I'm more amazed at - that you are willingly keeping the vulture around and feeding it, or that he knocks when he wants to be fed. That is hilarious!

  9. Love your innovation when it comes to - well, everything but especially your rolling garden! Perfect use for a tree stump!

  10. This was fun to see how you are overcoming the obstacles in your yard for gardening! The bird is a character alright!

  11. WELL YEAH FOR TWO DAYS OF GOLF FOR YOUR MAN. I thoroughly enjoyed the quiet while Fireman golfed yesterday. HE distanced.
    Oh your plants my goodness! Mine are far behind yours.
    What do you use to stake them ..if you do..I mean to tie them to the stakes. My parents used nylons but thats so ugly...

    1. I just used some heavy cotton string I had in the weaving stash.