Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Long Time No Sea

Okay. The Chesapeake Bay is not technically the sea but it's good enough for me. Before Covid we spent a lot of time down there on the boardwalk but it's too crowded for me now. Pup is tired of her deserted ball field walks so we thought we'd go exploring down by the bay.

We noticed some activity at the Koi park. It was fenced off and they were removing the fish for a cleaning. I couldn't watch. It looked kind of brutal to me although I am sure they know what they are doing. They have a large container under cover they are putting them in.

We also noticed more precaution signs stuck up every where. I have to say our twin beach area is doing a good job. Most things are still closed and most people are wearing masks. We've added only one new case in the last week for a total of 52.

These signs are new too. Seeing that 600 health care workers have now died from the virus is very sobering. 

We kept on driving out of town until we came to a county boat launch that was deserted. 

Look at that big Pup smile. She loves the water. 

She sniffed out a blue crab leg. The Mister really misses his crabbing and sailing trips with friends but it's better to be safe than sorry. 

It was good to be close to the water again. I miss the sound of it. 


  1. I hear ya. I am craving the ocean in a big way!
    I love the photo of the boat launch...such cool color contrasts, too! See Pup smile!

  2. Crowds of any size make me nervous. Even though my church is holding social distancing services, I refuse to attend - no one wears masks which is ridiculous. I’ll continue to watch services from home. Happy to see that Pup enjoyed the outing.

  3. Water (of any kind) is so soothing to the soul.

    We lived on the river in Jacksonville. I was really missing it last night.

  4. Pup certainly looks like a happy dog and the scenery is beautiful.

  5. Adorable Pup! That smile made me smile!!

  6. I'm so glad you got to visit the water. Pup does look very happy. Our church began holding services again with lots and lots of guidelines put out by the state. Masks are required. We're choosing to not attend for awhile yet and will continue watching the live stream.

  7. Oh That put in spot looks so peaceful. Only 1new case is amazing! The health care workers numbers are so sad. OMG, Deb. I am so glad Fireman, Allison and Myself are not in patient direct care anymore. I worry for my niece.

  8. You had a good day out and Pup did too! I love the sound of water and waves too!