Sunday, June 14, 2020

It's Not Easy Being Green

At first glance my Jewelweed soap was a success. I even got the soap stamps to work out nicely on it using the plastic wrap trick.

But then...I went to unwrap one of my old bars to put in the tub and noticed the difference in color. Why is my new soap so pale? Hmmm......

It seems I forgot to put in the French Green Clay which really kicks the soothing properties up a notch. Darn. That was not a critical mistake just a stupid one. 

Since I had used a bit of dried nettle on the top for decoration I thought I might infuse some oils myself for another try at a therapeutic type soap. I've read that nettle leaf is as soothing as jewelweed. We'll see...... about 12 weeks. First I have to infuse the oil which means the nettle leaves have to soak in the olive oil for about 6 weeks. Then I have to make the soap. Then I have to wait 6 more weeks for the soap to cure. By that time the biting bugs will be a distant memory-or at least I hope they will. 


  1. Well you will have some for next year! :)

  2. That is definitely some pretty soap even if it is pale. The stamp really adds a lot.
    It's so cold here tonight. 46F and the furnace is on once again. It's pure craziness.

  3. Such a process!
    At least the soap is still usable, if not quite for the purpose you intended it.

  4. For soap making you sure have to have patience!

    I love the little imprint you made in the soap.

  5. The soap is certainly beautiful. I really hope the bugs are all gone by the time your nettle leaf is ready to use.

  6. You are amazing and have way more patience than I do. Can't wait to hear about the soap. Good luck and stay safe.

  7. Bummer! But at least it didn't ruin a whole batch to the unusable state! You are getting good with the stamps-nice touch. I've wondered about infusing my own oil--I need to read up on that.