Saturday, June 20, 2020

New Stuff

I've been keeping my delivery people busy. In fact, there is a big box on the porch at this very minute that just showed up. This was just a little package. They are 360 protractors that I saw someone using on You Tube. I'm still scribbling in my art journals and these little things are supposed to help me get my mandalas even. Mine are always lopsided. 

I've got a new puzzle.  It's another tiny one I'm afraid. The Mister turned his nose up at it but I like the little ones. 

How about a new floss organizer? I thought I would try the bobbin system. I've yet to find a way that works with my messy habits. Dealing with floss is my least favorite part of stitching. 

I had fiber show up. I ordered this the first weekend in May and it just arrived. There was a glitch in the supply chain due to the lockdown but it wasn't a problem for me. I've got plenty of fiber to keep me busy. This will make a nice fall spin. The TdF isn't until August 29th this year and I'm kind of happy about that. It was always too hot here in July for it anyway. 

Daughter sent me a Knit Picks gift certificate to make me feel better about missing the MDSW. It took forever and lots of emails to get it here. The poor Knit Picks folks were having a terrible time keeping up with everything due to the virus. They were very apologetic. Again no problem. We are all doing the best we can. Anyone know what this is? I don't. I bought it and now I have to figure out how to use it. 

Finally, I bought some plain old fashioned sock yarn. I certainly don't need more at the moment but it's just so much fun to buy, isn't it?


  1. That middle skein of Stroll is really pretty.

    The floss box you bought is similar to what I use. I have single bobbins in those boxes. My duplicates are in floss away bags filed upright by floss color number in photo boxes.

  2. Oh, the tweedy sock yarn is lovely! May I ask where you found it? Love boxes or packages on my front porch - a new nightgown from Land's End. Not as exciting as crafty things but sorely needed!

    1. All the yarn is from Knit Picks. It's their tweedy Stroll in teal.

  3. What wonderful new toys and supplies! I use a floss organizer that looks like what you ordered and really like it. Once you get the spools wound, everything is visible and easy to see what you have. I cannot even remember the last time I saw a protractor.

  4. I think the reels are like sock blanks - you have to unravel them to use them.

  5. Why is sock yarn so much fun to buy? I don't know the answer, but I certainly enjoy buying it!
    I've been using bobbins for my embroidery floss for decades now, and I swear by it. Yes, you have wind all those bobbins, but they stay organized and are easy to work with.

  6. I agree-sock yarn is such a satisfying purchase!!! The sock reel looks intriguing so hurry and give us a report about it! The plastic rings look like the set that used to be in my Spirograph set when I was a kid! (loved that box of circles!)

  7. You got some cool stuff! Yes I bought some yarn online this week also:)

  8. i want to buy sock yarn all the time and I don't even knit socks! i did buy some yarn this week to crochet a long, light weight sweater. It helped to ease my very troubling week.

  9. Fireman and I were talking about how fun it IS to order things now that we are sequestered. Im waiting on my Coop yarn!

  10. I have a skein of that same heathered Stroll on the left hanging out in my stash and I knit a Hitchhiker with the pink version. It was great to knit with! The Hawthorne sock reels are cool, although I haven't tried them yet. It should be 2 skeins of yarn knit together so that you will unknit it and knit 2 socks at one time and they should be exactly the same. Basically a sock blank but in a roll instead of flat. Enjoy!