Sunday, June 21, 2020

Sew Sew Sunday

I had to have a talk with The Mister last week about Sundays. BC (before Covid) Sunday was the day he sat on his behind watching sports. Now everyday of the week is all go and I'm over it. Yesterday we did all the chores so today I can spend some quality time doing what I want. What I want to do is catch up on some of the sewing projects I have going on. I did finish the latest Dear Jane block. 

I have this many now. I goofed up the color on this one. It should have been green or brown or even blue. I'll have to sort that out with the next blocks because I'm feeling Dear Jane is coming to an end and I need a logical conclusion.

For now Dear Jane is on the back burner until I get this finished. As much as I enjoy hand quilting to a good audio book I am over this project and need to move on. It's not like I don't already have something else waiting. 


  1. Those Dear Jane blocks are so beautiful!

  2. Love both quilts. Sorry I missed a few days of commenting. We took our little trailer halfway up the mountain for a couple of days to escape the world and had no cell service or internet. It was wonderful!

  3. I love that blue and grey whirly square. I think that might be my favorite.

  4. The Dear Jane undertaking was huge but you are getting near the end of the piecing--they are beautiful! A day of down is always necessary!