Wednesday, June 3, 2020

For What It's Worth

Daughter sent along a Facebook post from a friend of hers last night. He was hopping mad. That's his daughter in white running from rubber bullets and tear gas on Monday afternoon down by the now infamous church. 

She's a former internationally ranked ice dancer who I won't name. Her parents are proud but shook. Her group was peacefully protesting, taking a knee, when without warning they were shot at with rubber bullets, tear gas and flash bombs. It's hard to believe this is America. Here in the DC area we are used to protests. We are used to riots and looting and all the things that come from folks who need to get something off their chests. We take it, clean up and move on. It's the way it's been done for hundreds of years. It's what makes us, us. Only a fool thinks they can stop it. If it moves underground it gets even more dangerous. That's the lesson we learned the hard way in the 60's. 

As for the other great catastrophe of 2020, I did find some man fabric for more manly masks. Now I have a nice pile for the both of us. We're probably going to need them seeing all those folks protesting so close together and some without masks. The times we live in. Sigh.


  1. It is hard to believe the things that have happened in the last few days. I am so glad your friend's daughter was not hurt.

  2. Just sadness. Thankful she wasn't hurt physically but I'm sure her emotions and heart are in pain.

  3. Scary times for sure and so much like the 60's in so many ways. Will we never learn?

  4. I was appalled reading the stories about Trump and the church. All so he could pander to people who believe he can do no wrong. Sadly that's was narcissists do - and that man is textbook!
    America is country literally built on protest. Anyone who thinks they can change that is seriously deluded.

  5. The situation at the church made me sick, dispersing a crowd with force merely for a photo op and holding the Holy Bible for no apparent reason. Sadly, the man is mentally unstable.

  6. I think I'm in the minority. I think the protests are a great way to get the point long as they are peaceful. It's when the rioting and looting starts that I don't agree. How does destroying businesses, many of which are family owned and ran, get your point across? We have had curfews for several days now because of looting and rioting in our downtown core. It makes me sick. During the day the protests are peaceful, the police here have even been taking part in the daytime protests, and getting the point across perfectly that this HAS to stop. Racism in any form is NOT okay. But after dark, the violence begins and that never solves anything. It just makes things worse. Of course, that's my opinion and it's not worth much these days.
    I'm very sorry that your friends daughter was caught up in all of it. I hope she's okay.

  7. That is some story , those parents must have been so worried for their daughter but proud of her for taking a stand. But it is nothing like parents of children of any color fear for their lives every day. I am not happy with the rioting and violence, especially from the top person in our country inciting violence. But I feel that peaceful protests often do not have the same impact, look a the Women's March, that was peaceful and has anything changed for women in this country, no it is only worse. Stay safe.