Wednesday, June 17, 2020

All By Myself-Again

Since our area numbers are still declining The Mister went out for a golf day again yesterday. I used my alone time to get the flower border finished on the Needles and Pins sampler. I said I would finish it in June and I did with time to spare. 

Now I have to start work on the lawn area under the house. 

The problem is that I only had this much of the green for the grass. I decided I better not start until I can order some more so the colors would be sure to match. 

I also thought I better go through all the floss and make sure I had enough of everything to finish. That sent me down the rabbit hole of looking at cross stitch patterns to make the smallish order worthwhile. I never did find anything that caught my fancy which is a good thing since I already have plenty here to keep me busy.

I also finished the last little nine patch for the latest Dear Jane...... 

.....and got row three of the Hexie top done. I'm amazed at what I can get done when I'm all by myself. 


  1. Love that cross stitch. I still have to get more floss to work on the Sheep Virtues. I have to get up the nerve to go into Hobby Lobby. I'll do it. I will.

  2. I do love a day to myself for sure! That is such a pretty sampler. Hope your thread arrives sooner than mine has....

  3. Very cute cross stitch pattern.

  4. All your projects are looking so wonderful! A quiet house (even though there's only two of us now) is truly like a balm to my spirit sometimes. And rabbit holes! I don't think there's been a day lately where I haven't disappeared down one rabbit hole or another - who ruled Great Britain after Queen Elizabeth 1 -- How did Schumann die -- Those were just yesterday's rabbit holes!

  5. The lawn area of the sampler has a lot going on in it. Good progress on your projects.

  6. Each of those projects is beautiful! It appears that you accomplished a lot on your day alone even with the trip down the rabbit hole.

  7. My guy went golfing yesterday and I was scatterbrained--what a loss of good alone time but at least I didn't have to do meals! lol
    you are making good progress on the hexie!

  8. Awesome job on your projects! I always think I'm going to get so much done when I have alone time but all I ever end up doing is making multiple trips to the refrigerator. Apparently I'm a closet eater. :)