Sunday, June 28, 2020

Pressed Petals FO

It seems like the Tour de Fleece is going on without me this year. The Rav group went ahead and started the event even though the riders won't be starting until the end of August. I just can't get up any enthusiasm if I don't hear Phil Liggett first thing in the morning so I'm taking a pass this year. I do, however, have a fiber story to tell.

Pretty Pressed Petals has crossed the finish line. 

It has been a very pleasant journey that started at the SVFF on a blistering hot day last September. 

Unlike so much of my handspun I knew it had to be something and not just live out its life in my sad handspun bin.

And now it is. The Pimpeliesse is finished-well almost. I haven't blocked her yet. It's too hot and I'm too tired because it was a grocery pick up day and I'm all worn out. It'll wait. As you can see I did play yarn chicken in the end but I won for a change. I've got a very small ball leftover. 

The singles from the fiber I dyed on my faux MDSW weekend are also finished. As soon as I have the energy and some daylight hours I will get this plied. It's becoming another Pimpeliesse since that particular pattern plays so nicely with wonky handspun. 


  1. Oh Debbie, I love the photos from strart to finish. It makes me want to make another Pimpeliesse. I started a "Close to You" shawl but I'm just not enjoying the knit at all. I adore the way your handspun worked up and look forward to seeing the new one too.

  2. Your Pimpeliesse is just beautiful!!! Love the colors and the colors for the next one look pretty awesome.

  3. That is a gorgeous shawl. That yarn is just perfect. Lovely both as yarn and as the finished product! Nicely done!

  4. GORGEOUS .... I love those blues and pinks together.

  5. What a perfect use for the yarn! Just lovely.

  6. Beautiful spinning, beautiful yarn and beautiful shawl.
    Stay safe.

  7. I must hear Phil too!!! Thank you for dreaming with me last night!! I love your colors , how you spun and knit them up

  8. It's beautiful! I love the way the stripes go from wide to narrow and back to wide again.

  9. What a success story! The yarn spinning and the plying turned out very well! And the shawl is a very good example of your skills. I'm bummed about the TDF this year, too. It's too bad Ravelry didn't keep the same schedule!