Thursday, June 25, 2020

A Rude Awakening

At exactly 7:30 yesterday morning someone was banging on my front door. It was a dude. A long haired dude in cut off shorts who wanted to know if he could put a dumpster in my driveway for the day. He didn't have a mask. That ticked me off so I talked to him through the bedroom window. I didn't care about the dumpster since I knew the neighbors were doing an emergency remodel. Their dad is moving in with them to be cared for since he started showing signs of dementia. It's a sad and familiar story. He was our neighbor for years. He is a retired high school principal but after several recent heart surgeries he started acting peculiar not unlike Daddio after his hip replacement. I always swore it was the anesthesia.

The dumpster was one thing but the racket was another. It really got on my nerves which have been frayed to the breaking point pretty much anyway. Yesterday was a lost cause but at least I had my puzzles. I finished this one the night before. I loved working on it even though it was hard.

Since it was a perfect summer day I thought I would start on the flip flop puzzle next. The pieces are still pretty small but bigger than the basket ones. 

I had the border done in no time. I think this one is going to be too easy. Once I broke it down into colors it just seemed to be putting itself together. 

I spent way too much time on the puzzle but I did get one more hexie block appliqued down and row 4 sorted out after dinner. I would have thought that I might get it done this week but to my dismay the dumpster didn't go far. They moved it out of my driveway when they left for the day but put it up in the road. I'm thinking today may be another day of nerve wracking crashes and bangs. I hope not. 


  1. Noise can be so annoying. Here at the lake it's people playing music really loud or laughing and partying until the early morning hours. They are supposed to be quiet after 10 at night but the rules have seemed to have gone out the window this year.
    We're debating selling our house this summer. Oh my gosh. I can only imagine the work that will be as we will move in to our trailer until Hubby retires. That means getting rid of virtually everything that won't fit into a 10 x 10 storage unit. Eek!

  2. Flip flops - what a fun puzzle! It was kind of you to allow the contractor to put the dumpster in your driveway.

  3. We are sensitive to noise,, too. I guess we expect quiet in the country. We have a guy who shoots a gun all weekend for target practice. Fun for an hour or two but not all day until 10 at night! Also the neighbors dog barks every time it hears us in our own yard! Grrrr.
    I hope you can put some ear buds in and get lost in a book while you knit for your nerves!

  4. I think it's clear that surgery and/or anesthesia can kick off dementia.
    Those puzzles look extremely hard!
    Our neighborhood has become very noisy due to newer folk who use leaf blowers constantly. Very frustrating!

  5. Construction noise can be Very irritating! It was very nice of you to let them use your driveway though. I'm not sure I'd have said yes if they were banging on my door at that hour of the morning. That's a great idea to separate the puzzle pieces like that. I tend to just lay them out and search for the color I need. Hope the flipflop puzzle goes well. It looks pretty difficult to me.