Thursday, June 4, 2020

Stolen Hours

I am starting to think that this was a bad idea.

We have to go out and move the carts with the sun every few hours and when we do The Mister always finds something else that we need to be doing outside that eats up my afternoons.

If that weren't bad enough it always leads to him wanting to take Pup for an outing. She's in her stroller because of all the delivery people we have coming down the driveway these days. Her bad legs seem to be fine right now.  Unless I can keep an eye on her I have to put her where she won't get run over while The Mister and I are busy with something else. Today she has her first curbside pick up at the vets for her annual shots. That should be fun. Not. 

By the time we get back in for the day I have about an hour before I have to start dinner.  That's not enough time to get into much of anything interesting so that's been puzzle time. I finished the birds.

Now I am working on the teeny tiny yarn puzzle. I have to say I don't hate it. It might be small but I like the challenge. It's brain candy.

After dinner I try to get some knit walking in weather permitting but that sock just doesn't seem to be growing. It's become a symbol of my lack of quality me time I'm afraid. One day I hope to look back on all this togetherness time with fondness. I'm just not feeling it right now. 


  1. After so many weeks, I don't think ANY of us are feeling it.

  2. I think your garden in carts idea is brilliant. I do wonder what life will be like in retirement. I have a rhythm to my days that I know will change. I'm looking forward to having him home more but I do wonder...

  3. fur baby needs to have a curbside annual shot visit...and i'm dreading that, too; luckily Shira is still oblivious to what is in her near future!!!

  4. Your sock is gorgeous (even if it seems slow) and I love that bird puzzle. The days are strange right now. Between pandemic and riots and then yesterday's storms...I don't want to know what's going on next!!

  5. Just roll with this crazy can't last forever, right?!

  6. Nice puzzles! Yes we move our wagon around too! :)

  7. I am SO glad my husband has been going to work every single day throughout this pandemic. He's only been home 3 of the gazillion days we've been stuck at home. I complain, but it's been a marriage saver. :) Hope Pup did okay with her shots.