Thursday, June 18, 2020

Pi$$ing and Moaning

Last night was a nightmare. My sweet little bed was a torture chamber.

While The Mister was away golfing on Tuesday I decided to give all the linens a wash. During the lockdown it was hard to get laundry detergent so I was forced to take what I could get and I got this. I used it for the first time yesterday and it was TERRIBLE. The scent was too strong and it made everything feel yucky.  I had done all my clothes including my pajamas so I was in a bed laying on smelly sheets wearing smelly pajamas. Today I am an itchy mess. Add that to pretty much no sleep and I'm NOT a happy camper. Today I am washing again using my usual unscented detergent that I finally managed to get from a Walmart delivery.

Speaking of Walmart delivery, this is what showed up this afternoon in a box dripping with laundry soap. I had ordered toilet paper and paper towels and some more-of all things, laundry soap. Luckily the paper products were all in plastic. That box was swimming in Purex. What a mess. 

It was also grocery delivery day. I was feeling cocky about ordering fresh veg and fruit but I think I went overboard. Unlike Peapod, you can only order by the pound from our mom and pop grocer and apparently a pound of something is a lot more than I expected. I have a LOT of fruit now. 


And look at that garlic. One pound of it is a ridiculous amount. I hope there is a way I can store it. That's a lot of waste if not.

Speaking of waste, I needed to use up some leftover applesauce so I made some flabby loaves using Martha Stewart's recipe. I hope it tastes better than it looks because it doesn't look like much. I was disappointed.

And if all that wasn't bad enough, an Amazon order showed up and it seems I somehow managed to order two sets of $$ painters tape when The Mister only wanted one. That's $30 worth of tape there people. I'm done with today. At least it's cool and rainy so I'm not going to feel bad at all about pulling the now clean covers over my head and taking a nice long nap. 


  1. What a day! I am with you on smelly anything, Wonder what happened to the cap on the soap. I use Tide Free and Clear:)

    1. I normally use Free and Clear too and I've got one container that I am hoarding. The box arrived crushed so I guess the cap took the brunt of it. The whole thing was in plastic but it was cut by the shards I suppose. It was quite the mess. I feel bad for the delivery guy's truck. He had a mess to clean up too I bet.

  2. Isn't it strange the things you're able to get...or not get? I had to go for a different laundry detergent this time too and it's a good thing we like the scent. It's much stronger than our normal soap.
    I'm glad you're stocked up on fruits and veggies. I've kept garlic in a stoneware crock for months before and it stayed fresh. I hope that helps you.

  3. Sometimes, going back to bed is the best thing you can do!

  4. I can't use any scented detergent for that exact reason. I don't have a problem with your handmade soaps, but store-bought scented soaps turn me into a total itch factory. I've learned to take soap with me and not rely on hotel soaps after one very itchy weekend in Chicago.

    Garlic keeps for quite a while - cool and dry with a little ventilation (like potatoes/onions). Garlic can also be preserved in oil, and a few others ways... here's some info

  5. Garlic typically stays fresh for a long, long time. I don't refrigerate mine - just leave it on the counter. Of course, I do use a TON of it. I can't even walk down the laundry detergent aisle in the grocery store without sneezing and feeling itchy.

  6. Yikes! I think you have more than enough reasons to join the International Piss & Moan Team! The experience with smelly detergent qualified you as a first-stringer!

  7. I rarely purchase scented products for that very reason. Glad you were able to wash everything again.

  8. Ugh! I cannot imagine sleeping on linens and in clothes that had a fragrance I did not like. Even before the pandemic and shortages, I kept a backup for my backup laundry detergent. Many years ago when Surf Unscented was discontinued, I switched to All Free and Clear. That was recommended by the Surf manufacturer as the closest detergent to their no longer available product. Great assortment of produce.

  9. Looks like you are all stocked up whether you want to be or not. Tape and garlic will keep, fruit and veggies not so much. Stay safe.

  10. Oh no! You've had some rough shopping experiences! I had the same sort of thing happen to me recently with an in-store trip to Walmart. Somehow the new bottle of kitchen cleaner got put into the bag with the flour and sugar... and the top must not have been on tight because about 9/10ths of the bottle leaked out and ruined the sugar and flour. The one good thing to come from it - my trunk smells clean now. It's not clean, but it smells it.