Thursday, June 11, 2020

Pick Up and Delivery

It was pick up day yesterday. We went into town to get our Pea Pod order. This time we drove up close to the store so we could see inside. It's scary. The exits are all taped up with crime tape and a masked person meets you at the door with masks and sanitizer. No thanks. I'll wait in the parking lot and have someone push my stuff out to my car. I don't think I could handle that scene at all.

I was brave this time and let them pick out some fruit and fresh veg. I was pleased. The only fruit I've had since February 24th has been bananas. 

I've got bagged green beans, brussels, salad, cole slaw and two bags of steamable potatoes. I'm in veggie heaven. It's either feast or famine around here when it comes to fresh stuff. If you'd have told me last year that I would be writing blog posts about the excitement of getting groceries I would have told said you were nuts.  

Last week we sorted out all the food stash by expiration date. I've got a 2020, 2021, 2022 and a 2023 box now. This not having a kitchen thing is actually not too bad. I think I would have gone crazy trying to keep my pretty new kitchen intact during this insanity so the big pause in remodel may be working in my favor after all. 

We also had three huge Amazon boxes of pet food and other things to sort out waiting for us on the porch when we got home. I was very excited to get my bug suit. What's a bug suit, you may ask?

Ta da......I've been putting on my soap gear to protect myself when I go out and fool with the garden carts and dying from the heat. Now I've got a mesh suit and a head cover that lets the air in and keeps the bugs out. It even has mesh mittens. I may look silly but if it keeps me from being covered with bites and stings I really don't care. I'm not sure why the insect world loves me so much but they do. They really, really do. 


  1. That mesh suit should sure help you! A lot of fishermen use them when they are fishing streams in the woods.

  2. You look like a lovely bee keeper!

    Our grocery stores aren't quite that scary - you're only allowed to use one entrance, they have someone at the door letting people in (if they are at capacity), and giving you a sanitized cart. There are marks all over the floor on where to stand for the deli, fish guy, etc... You can only get to the cash registers from one aisle, and there's marks to stand for there. All the registers have plastic shields up to protect the cashiers. There are special hours first thing in the morning for the over 60 group - Since I'm 40, I go immediately after those hours end, and it's usually not too bad - it's early enough that there aren't many people out. And most people are really good about being patient and giving a wide berth... but there's always that one person.

  3. The scariest part for me is seeing people without masks coming out of the stores. I’ll stick to pickup. They’ve done a good job picking veggies and fruit for me, too. Love the bug suit.

  4. I like your outfit and if it works, who cares what it may look like to some. I think it's neat myself. :-)
    Alex is flying from Tokyo to London today. He sent me photos of the deserted Narita airport and the flight attendents all wearing hazmat suits. Seriously. Even my world traveller was a little shook by that. It's all so scary. At least he'll be staying in London for six weeks before he has to fly back again. 2 weeks in quarantine when he arrives in London again. He has spent so much time in quarantine. I think this is his 4 two week stint!

  5. What a wonderful assortment of purchases! I don't think I will ever take a fully stocked grocery store for granted again.

  6. What a great hat and screen. I cannot stand bugs biting me. .I cover up like a crazy woman. I'm with you! I don't like bug spray. I did go into the Pet shop today in desperation. Beatles is so upset with the outside neighbor cats. I got him a F e l i way collar. Paws crossed he settles down! I wore my mask and gloves. Got in and out quickly

  7. Nice outfit! Groceries seem to be the highlight of the week and a game of what will we get? I know what you mean about saying we are nuts talking about groceries:(

  8. I love your 'bug off' suit! lol
    I was told by drs to eat more fruit!

  9. I think the bug suit is a terrific idea, keeping all those nasty pests away. Shopping is very scary, I try to go oat times where there aren't many people and I wear a mask, unlike many others.