Sunday, October 31, 2021

The Halloween That Wasn't


I love Halloween but this is it for me this year. My box of decorations and costume pieces is still tucked in the downstairs closet where it will remain until next year. I don't have the energy to add one more thing to this mess I am living in.

As of noon yesterday the roads were still closed here from the flooding. The bay has receded some but there is still widespread flooding and the destruction is significant. Everything is covered in wet leaves and mud so we put any kitchen work on hold until it dries off because we have to hook up a lot of electric tools on the deck to cut the tiles. I bet you can guess what the inside of my house looks like if you noticed all those muddy paw prints I am standing in. I've given up on trying to keep anything clean.

The only good thing that happened this weekend is that some material arrived that I am going to use to make curtains for the kitchen window. It's from someone on ebay that was selling Ikea material. I am starting to get a wee bit excited again about my faux Swedish country kitchen. The little bit of tiling we've done is making all the difference. 

Well then......what I need right now is a bloody Mary and a fistful of mini Kit Kats. 
Here's wishing you all a Happy Halloween! 


  1. Nice material for curtains! Hope you get some relief from flooding soon.

  2. I feel you on the mud. We've had lots of rain (though no flooding like yours, thankfully!)and the catio is just a mudhole! My kitchen floor is disgusting!

  3. Happy Halloween, Deb!

    Hope it dries out soon. The curtain material sure is cute.

  4. I love your purple crocs! I hope it drys out for you soon. We had zero trick or treaters tonight. How disappointing. And I bought 3 giant bags of candy.
    That curtain fabric is going to look perfect in your kitchen. Every day gets you one day closer.

  5. Life does wax and wane doesn't it>
    The mini KitKats sound like a great idea!