Sunday, October 10, 2021



I spent yesterday scraping old mortar off the formerly tiled kitchen floor but mercifully today is a day off from kitchen drama. Bless you NFL. It's so nice to think about something socks. It's been Socktober all year around here. I've been in a panic about not having enough gift socks but I think I just might. I lose track.

I'm not sure if any of them will fit anyone so I've been making bigger and bigger ones. The Base Camp twins are at the heel. 

I have a few more rows and the second Walrus socks will be at the heel too. 

As a reward for making all those socks I gifted myself this Uneek kit I found in a Maryland shop on Kathy B's yarn crawl last weekend. I saw these on a German YouTube podcast ages ago and have always wanted a pair. I do love me some stripey stripes. 


  1. I am working with some Uneek yarn this week too. Hope you have better luck with yours. My two balls do NOT add up to 100 grams. They top out at 91 grams and the first ball has already had a break in it. :::sigh::: I can understand a few grams under, but NINE??? I surely could NOT get knee socks out of what I have.

    It does knit up nicely though.

    1. Oh, no....I hate hearing that. I better rewind them and check for breaks then. At the price this stuff is you would have thought that there was some kind of quality control.

  2. What an awesome and beautiful collection you have created for gifts. What lucky family/friends.

  3. You have quite a collections of socks there. Unfortunately, even with the best intentions I do not. I never did find the ones that were lost in the move. Maybe someday. Love that Uneek yarn. Knee socks! It's been years since I've had knee socks. I hope Dee's yarn was a fluke and you'll have no issues.

  4. Great Socktober variety, love the stripes. 👍🏼 V

  5. You've done well with the sock knitting this year! The new knee socks look like a very good knit!