Friday, October 29, 2021



It's finally starting to happen. It's starting to look like fall.

It's still pretty warm and still pretty green but things are changing. 

My purple fall blooming things are all over the place. That's a sure sign. 

Another sign is the outdoor kitty huts are stuffed and electrified. It's still too warm to turn them on but we are ready when Mother Nature is. For the record, I would be much happier and sleep much easier if those two kitties would just come in the house but they won't. I've tried for eleven years and I give up.  

For those of you keeping track of the kitchen progress, we didn't get far again yesterday. It was a day of fussy cuts around outlets and lots of grumbling from The Mister who hates this sort of thing. 

Today they are calling for really bad weather so we may be taking the day off from kitchen work. They were piling up sandbags down at the beach when we took Pup for her walk yesterday.  In addition to the flooding we could also get 60 mile an hour winds. Gulp. All I know is those trees out back better darn sight stay where they belong. I've worked too hard on this kitchen for anything to ruin it now. 


  1. I hope the weather cooperates and you can get on with the work keeping your electricity!

  2. Yikes!! Stay safe. We are supposed to get some rain today, but I hadn't heard anything about a major storm....

  3. Oh boy Deb! I'm praying for you and The Mister and your whole area right now. The weather is so weird everywhere.
    Any little progress is still progress on the kitchen. I'm so excited for you.
    You're such a good kitty mom. I know those two kitties love you for taking such good care of them, especially in the winter.
    The contractor called yesterday and they are set to start our bathrooms the Monday after thanksgiving. Yippee! We had hope to have it done before Alex & Tara come but unfortunately that isn't going to happen. Oh well. We're just glad it's getting done.

  4. Hopefully, the storm will glide around your area. Good to see the kitchen progress — tell the Mister he’s doing a great job on the tile.