Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Tiny Needle Tuesday


All I managed to stitch on the Toy Tree this week was that lower branch that has a little blue heart, a little yellow car and a bunny. Not surprising because I am living in........

.........complete chaos. Tell me please, why is the mess getting bigger? You've think we'd be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel but it seems to be getting worse every day. 

I did get all four of the piano key borders finished. I'd love to lay it out but I can't find the space. 

I am also happy to report that the naughty dishwasher is installed for good as are all of the base cabinets. Finally. Yesterday I discovered the reason why it wouldn't fit. We were pushing it too far back. Somehow we missed the part about it being about a half inch in front of the cabinets so the steam won't damage them. I had Daughter send me a photo of hers and sure enough. It sits out a bit. Now the thing wiggles out just fine because the gasket is on the outside. 

And in other kitchen news.........the new slide in range showed up on time. That's a first. They even installed it for us free of charge. I am not using it yet. Not until we get a counter and a sink. I'm not gunking it up in this mess we are living in. And let me tell you, I cried, yes, cried, when they carted my old stove away. I hated the thing but when it was time to go I teared up. I had cooked a lot of meals on it. It had gotten me through some of my darkest pandemic days. I felt like I was losing an old friend. 


  1. Looks like progress was made while I was away! A dishwasher and stove installed - that is fabulous! Your stitching is just so pretty.

  2. Oh my funny friend Deb. You are too cute. I can see you with a hanky sniffing as the stove was taken away. Emotions come out at the craziest times. Hugs hugs hugs and many a good mea1 in the new stove.

  3. My Mom always said it gets worse before it gets better. She was right. You're heading for the finish line Debbie. That dishwasher and range are beautiful and I'm looking forward to hearing what the first thing you cook on it is.
    I'm the same way when we get rid of things. I get ridiculously emotionally attached to some things but not to others. Who knows why.
    Hang in there, it's not much longer now.
    Blessings and hugs,

  4. Day by day, your kitchen is getting closer to being finished, and it WILL be fabulous!

  5. Your kitchen is really taking shape and is going to be beautiful! I imagine a lot of the "stuff" multiplying is from the kitchen which looks pretty clear. What fun you will have getting your cabinets organized and having everything where you need it.

  6. I am amazed and impressed that you found time to do X-stitch with all that's going on at your house. It's a nice one, too!

  7. That shiny new stove is beautiful.

    But, I get it. I needed a new car, but it was so hard to trade in the one with so many happy memories of when I was the designated driver for many school trips.

  8. Nice stove! You are making progress! :)

  9. We are woman and we don't need a logical reason to tear up. I'm so glad the stove is in place--soon you will have a counter top and all of this will be a dim and dark memory!