Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Tiny Needle Tuesday


I have no idea how but I managed to get another branch and a little outfit stitched this week but I did. The bunny also now has a pinwheel in its hand.  A teeny tiny pinwheel that used 8 different colors. Jeesh. 

I also finished all 40 of the shower invitations and the only thing left is to seal them, stamp them and drop them off at the PO. I'm having a hard time taking that last step because I have very mixed feelings about gatherings in the time of Covid. Since it's not in my control all I can do is hope all these folks understand the risks and take every precaution to protect my daughter and grandson to be. Praying folk, please do your thing. I'd most appreciate it. 

As for the daily kitchen update, you see that? It's a window. Yesterday morning we discovered that tiling around a window that doesn't have any trim around it is a problem. So instead of prepping the wall for tile yesterday we..............

.......took another long trip out to Lowes to buy the wood we needed to throw together some kind of window trim that we can butt the tile up to so it doesn't look so raggedy.  It wasn't in the least bit any fun but I did get another maple doughnut out of the deal.


  1. That sampler is so cute but Holy Cow what a lot of color changes!!!

  2. Yes trim will help you out! If it isn't one thing it is another! Hope you make some progress today!

  3. I feel your Home Improvement pain. Our closest Home Depot is 40 minutes away. I specifically ordered some stuff curbside pickup so I wouldn't have to go in... Dave decides he wants to come along... and GO IN because he needs stuff (even though I asked him when I ordered). I spent an hour and a half following him around as he looked at stuff. AND he didn't end up even buying anything because it was cheaper at another store (which is much closer to home!) I bought a couple more cactus for my collection in revenge!

  4. That baby sampler is adorable. Love the teeny pinwheel.

  5. The baby sampler is coming together so nicely. I really love it.
    I understand your feelings about the large gatherings, especially with your daughter and grandson involved. You can be assured that I will be praying and have already begun. I know that she appreciates all of the work you've done on those beautiful invitations.

  6. You are doing beautifully in the kitchen--good solution to the trim problem! The Maple donut sounds good!

  7. A11 of you who do samp1ers are amazing. This kitchen better behave when it is finished.