Friday, October 8, 2021

Counter Talk


We are on a roll. The counter guys showed up on time AND the replacement cabinet door showed up in the mail. Including the range's arrival on Monday that's three victories this week in a sea of fails. 

When I saw how much equipment the counter guys brought in I was scared. I had no idea this process was so involved.

I'm really happy with what I can see but to tell you the truth I haven't seen much of it yet. We had to hide out downstairs for the day because the smell of the glue and the caulk was awful. 

They told me not to touch anything for 24 hours. No worry there. We ordered out. It was the first time in all these months of total kitchen destruction that I couldn't put a home cooked meal on the table and I enjoyed every bite from the Chinese place down the street.

I had plenty to do downstairs all day to keep me busy and out of everyone's way.

I even got The Mister to help me cut out the background papers.

When I'd finished everything I needed for the invitations I got caught up with my scribble scrabble version of Inktober. Day 5 was Knot and of course I groused about knots in sock yarn. Day 6 was Raven and I follow the Ravenmaster of the Tower of London on Twitter so that was an easy one. Day 7 was Spirit and I thought of cheerleaders. Day 8 was Fan and I thought about my great grandmother's heavy old fan she used to have in her kitchen.  It scared me to death. The braided cord looked like a snake and I just knew those sharp blades would eat my fingers one day. 


  1. Sounds like the day worked out really well.

    I love your painting of the fan. I have a thing for those old fans, even if they weren't exactly child/pet safe.

  2. Such a great week on the kitchen front. From what I can see of those counters, I love them. They look very similar to what I had in our house in Spokane.
    The cards are looking great and so are your Inktober drawings. I had no idea there was a Ravenmaster at the Tower of London and I've been there several times. I love the Beefeater tour guides.
    Tomorrow a close up of the counters?

  3. Yay for more kitchen things accomplished - looks lovely!!

  4. So glad to hear the kitchen is progressing!

  5. You are on a roll! The new counter top looks fantastic from the preview! I think your artwork looks great! I love the show of the London crow master, too! We still have one of those scary fans!