Saturday, October 2, 2021

Blue Skies


I haven't worked on Rainbow Kitty in a while and when I went to pick it up again I was horrified to discover I only had this much of the blue left. Not good. 

Thank goodness the Etsy seller still had more in her shop. It may not match perfectly but that's the beauty of rug hooking. Close enough is more than good enough. The wonkier the better. 

I should be packing the boy up and getting out the fall rugs I am working on but I'm just not going to. For once I want to see one to completion and he's going to be it. 

Silvia will just have to wait until next year along with........

.....Jack and........

.......Mr. Gobble. As you can see I've always had a thing for fall projects-just not enough time to ever finish any of them. 


  1. Aww! Mister Rainbow Kitty. I was wonderig earlier if people are enjoying each day of the beautiful fall weather. I want to soak up every bit of sunshine before fall goes away and the cold of winer stops us in our tracks.

  2. Oh, I have missed seeing the pumpkin and the crow one!!!!

  3. I just love Rainbow Kitty! So glad he is going to be worked on until he is complete. It is such a happy looking project and makes me smile every time you show it.

  4. Oh Deb each time you show your rugs I am enchanted by them. I love Halloween and Turkey. Will u display them?

  5. Your rugs are very fun! It'll be fun to see the finished Kitty.

  6. Love the Turkey! I have a problem with unfinished projects too!

  7. I know I say it every time you show him, but I LOVE rainbow kitty!