Saturday, October 30, 2021

Gale Warning


Usually when they give us dire weather predictions it turns out to a rather meh event. Not yesterday. We couldn't even get down to town yesterday. The road was closed. Schools were also closed. Good thing.

Behind that barricade it was a disaster. My sister texted me this. That was the boardwalk we are always walking Pup on. 

The normally calm bay was very, very angry. This is the parking lot and outdoor dining space at our local pizza place which was already under water at 11 am. 

The marina where we walk Pup was also under water. This is also just the parking lot-not the bay itself. You can normally drive up to that little building and walk on the decking around the boat slips on Fisherman's Creek. Not yesterday. We could have paddled over there. 

We went up to the top floor of the parking garage at the bay front hotel to get a good look and the wind and the rain were so fierce I thought it was going to blow us over. It was scary but kind of fun at the same time.  I was chilled to the bone.

The only thing left to do for the rest of the day back at home was to break into the new bottle of Honey Jack and the Halloween candy and.......

..knit the day away. There's always tomorrow for tiling. 


  1. You got it a lot worse than we did. We got the wind, but not so much rain.

  2. Nasty storm, hope your trees stay in place! :)

  3. So much damage . . . Happy to hear you, the Mister, and Pup are safe.

  4. You're right-wow to that storm! I'm glad you didn't lose any trees this time!

  5. Whoa! That's a lot of wind and water! I'm glad you stayed safe and dry. I think you got some of the wind and rain we had, but multiplied. :-)
    Glad you had your knitting to keep you company.