Thursday, October 21, 2021

Over My Head


The Mister may do all the cutting and nailing but it's always my job to do the painting.

So I spent the day on a ladder putting coat after coat of semi gloss on my pretty new window trim. Oy....I used to be able to paint like a pro but time has marched all over me I am sad to say. I felt like I had done an all day yoga session when I was done. Working with my hands over my head is no fun at all anymore. 

In between coats I finished the handspun Olympic hat.

That's the one that started out looking like this when I dyed some Corriedale I had in my stash with the colors of the Olympic rings back in August. 

Even though that was the softest Corriedale I had ever spun I knit a lining into it. Now I have a soft acrylic buffer between my head and the wool and a double layer of warmth. It went right into the emergency bag I keep in the car that is stuffed with warm winter wear for when I discover the hard way it is colder down by the water than it is at home. 

I also got a few more rows done on Festive Doodle's sleeve the night before. I can knit 4 rows of the chart in one episode of Friends if I let the theme music play. I think this has to be my nightly habit until I get this thing done. We can't be too far from sweater weather now, can we?


  1. I love that hat! I've never knit a double hat but should try it sometime.
    The window looks great. I'm getting too old to paint too. This body lets me know when I've pushed it too far.

  2. Feels like sweater weather this morning!! LOVE the hat - so colorful and fun and of course, you know I love Festive Doodle. I've never enjoyed painting!

  3. The hat looks so pretty! The lining is a great idea--I like it in a solid color. I know what you mean about painting-let alone doing it over your head!!!!

  4. I think this weekend we will find sweater weather and you will be nice and cozy in your hat!

    I'm with you . . . over the head work just ain't as easy as it used to be (not that it was EVER easy).

  5. Sweater weather has arrived in Wyoming - snow on the ground and temperatures in the 30s in the morning. I can’t work above my head comfortably anymore.