Wednesday, October 13, 2021

It Takes Two


I didn't knit a stitch or sew a seam yesterday. The Mister and I were both worn out from our trip up to Daughter's. He played golf with SIL while Daughter, Sister who lives nearby and I had a grand old time catching up and working on the invitations of which I now need 10 more-gulp. When I got home I had a pile of boxes waiting on the front porch. 

On the way home we pass by Ikea so of course several more things jumped in the car. 

The only thing we had the energy to do all day was to assemble our new stuff. We make a pretty good Ikea assembly team but after just these few things I am glad I didn't end up with that Ikea kitchen and all those cabinets to assemble. I don't think we would have survived it. 

I had gotten a new rice cooker, a new electric kettle and a few weeks ago I bought a new coffee maker and had no place to put them. Now they roll around on their own little Ikea cart instead of cluttering up my new counter top. I am also trying not to scald the front of my new cabinets with them. The old cabinets were a mess from the steam that these thing put out so the cart will be rolled as far away from the cabinets as I can get it when in use. I also got two chairs of the right height for the island. Our old ones were too tall and we had to bend practically in half to eat. 

Also in that pile of packages was a new clock. We both miss the clock that was in the old stove that you could see from all over room. The new stove's clock is so low you can't see it. This is going on the wall-somewhere. It's all still a muddle right now but buying these kinds of things is starting to make it all a bit more fun again. 


  1. It is all coming together so nicely!!!

  2. You are definitely at the more "fun" stage of the remodel!

  3. Shopping for stuff! Looks like you found some nice things!

  4. I bought a similar stand for my crockpot, InstaPot, etc. too. It's not on wheels but there is an outlet right next to it that I can plug things in. I did it for the same reason you did. Not much countertop in this house anyway and I REALLY miss my islands, both in the house and trailer. But, I'm adjusting and it's all good.
    Love the chairs too. I had the same issue with a clock too so bought one for over the desk area on the wall.
    Have fun with the final details my friend.

  5. I'm so happy for you! It is starting to come together!!!! Looking very good so far!

  6. “Assembly required” is a phrase I try to avoid when purchasing larger items. It often needs two sets of arms, and I feel like an awkward octopus when I try to do it by myself.