Thursday, October 28, 2021

Kitchen Update and a Whole Lot of Other Stuff


Guess what we did yesterday. I told The Mister I'm not getting my Covid booster until I have water in the kitchen again so we need to get that tiling and plumbing done asap. The last shot made me sick for about 10 days and I am NOT hauling water and running up and down stairs feeling as bad as I did last spring. 

It was much more involved than we thought. For starters, every single tile had glops of some unknown substance on them that had to be scraped off and then washed. That was no fun. 

Then we had to get used to using mastic instead of thinset. The Mister was nervous working with it because it dries fast and it's really messy around our new cabinets and counter tops. It was very slow going. 

He also hated those green spacers. They are not what he's used to but they are the only ones we could find that were 1/16th of an inch. This is as far as we got for the day. We always stop at 2 so we can get Pup out for a walk. Of course this means the kitchen is once again a disaster area. As soon as I get a little order we always start something else that makes yet another big mess. You'd think I'd be used to it by now-and I am but it's still up to me to put food on the table which is now once again covered in work tools and yucky stuff.

On a happier note, the blanket material for the Grand to Be arrived. 

Don't ask me how in all this mess but I finished quilting the memory quilt. Now I just have to find the time and the space to get the binding on.

And............I got caught up with my Inktober sketches. I've got Baby Groot for Sprout. Fuzzy is a caterpillar. Open is a book. Leak is the Harry Potter signage from the Leaky Cauldron. Extinct is the blue Macaw from Rio. Splatt is a dropped egg and Connect is a puzzle.Spark is a spark plug and it was perfect timing because The Mister took his truck in for repairs that day and we got a death sentence for the old thing. It looks like a new truck is in our future-just  not right now.


  1. It's always something isn't it? We got our boosters yesterday and although Hubby is fine, just as he was with the first two shots, I've felt yucky today, just as I did with the first two.
    The tile is looking great. I have always liked white subway tile. It will look great with your cabinets and counter.

  2. Tiling does NOT look like fun. Hope it gets over with quickly.

  3. I adore your sketches and how they double as a mini journal. Kudos on finishing the quilting. The minding will be a nice activity after the booster shot.

  4. Oh, you have got to be so ready to have the mess behind you!!! The tile looks beautiful--soon it will be a beautiful backdrop like it is meant to be! Love your Inktober entries! I wanted to do a spark plug but chickened out! lol

  5. You are making progress! I don't like mastic either but for wall tiles it works fast, it looks good! I have a bucket full of spacers:)