Monday, October 11, 2021

When It Rains.......


This time last year I not only had a disaster for a kitchen but I was also doing laundry in my bathtub because my washer broke. There was a lot of drama around getting a new one at the time and guess what broke yesterday...MY NEW WASHER. On my one day of rest and relaxation I had to deal with this mess again. The good news is it is still under warranty until the 25th AND I just got the notification to re-new it so I did. Hopefully this will be a quick fix but still.......... the "when it rains it pours" category here is exhibit B. Not only did the new washer go belly up yesterday....The Mister's little Ford Ranger decided to break down on his way to the market. Here it is loaded up with wood last winter. He loves that little truck. The only time I saw him get really undone during all the pandemic lockdown stuff is when it stopped running and we couldn't get it fixed right away. I'm hoping this is also a quick fix or else I'm in for some stormy weather. 

I did get some time to get downstairs and work on the shower invitations. We are at Daughter's today to get the inside details done using her new printer since mine don't work. 

I am not at all crazy about the idea of her friends giving her a shower during a pandemic but I have to say the invitations she picked out have been a lot of fun to make. 


  1. Cute invitations. Thank goodness for the warranty on the washer!

  2. My, oh, my! You've already got the stormy weather over you right now! I'm so glad the washer is still under warranty!

  3. Cute invitations. Glad the washer is under warranty!

  4. Oh no! Mercury is in retrograde, so it is the time of "breaking things". I'm keeping my fingers cross that my little Dory keeps going.
    Hope Mr's Ranger is up and running soon. They are good little trucks (I kick myself for not buying one years ago). I understand why he's upset.

  5. So sorry to hear about the washer and the truck. Sometimes it is all crazy isn't it? Those invitations sure are cute though.

  6. Just when things are going good something breaks:( Hope they are quick fixes!