Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Holy Smoke!


Last night the new range took its maiden voyage and it did NOT go well. The burners worked just fine but the oven, well.....I turned it on 300 to heat up some bread and the house immediately filled with such a smell of burning plastic I had to turn it off and open every window and turn on all the fans. I should have read the instructions where you have to "burn off" all the leftover goo they use to build the thing. It was awful. I was NOT happy. 

Speaking of windows....We rigged up some trim around the over the sink window yesterday and I couldn't be happier with it. 

I need to paint it but it already really makes a big difference in the room. I now have a real window sill instead of just a hole in the wall. Ignore the blue tape. It marks the studs. I've got it all over the place.

While I was hiding downstairs from the acrid oven fumes I got caught up with my Inktober sketches. It took me 3 tries to get that wonky compass done. I thought that would be the easy one but noooo....I also did Collide, Moon and Loop. I couldn't paint a decent looking moon so I put a scribbly moon man on it. I tried several different things for Loop but took the easy way and out and just drew a bow.

And......a side note to Val....several of these charm packs and some yardage are on the way. You gave me the kick in the behind I needed. Thanks!



  1. Smoke! I remember the first time we turned on the furnace in the new trailer. At least we did it before it got cold. It was about 80 outside so we had to turn it up to 90 and open all of the windows and stay outside. It smelled SO bad. People from all over the campground came walking by to make sure we weren't on fire!
    Your window looks great and so do your watercolors. I like the moon man and collision best tonight! :-) The fabric is pretty too.
    Take care.

  2. Sorry about the oven! That must have really stunk. The kitchen window looks great!

  3. Sorry for the oven fumes! It should be okay now!
    The paintings looks so good--I'm glad you joined in! The new fabrics will be so much fun to play with!

  4. Oh my word! A smoking oven would have given me a heart attack!

  5. The window is looking good! Sorry about the stove...we had the same thing when they installed our new furnace, the furnace guy said i am turning it on, open your windows!

  6. Ugh- you'd think they could burn the goo off in the factory for you! It's nice to see your kitchen coming together.
    My livingroom is almost there... but there always seems to be one more thing Dave wants to do before we move the furniture. I was hoping to be moved down there by the weekend, but he's off to his grandma's on Friday, so I don't think its going to happen

    Love the fabric! Enjoy every minute of making it!

  7. I remember the first time I used the self-cleaning feature on my oven. It was the middle of winter, but I opened the windows. The smell and smoke was awful.