Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Wednesday WIPs


Remember that Fright Club KAL project I swore I wouldn't be able to keep up with? I am way ahead. It turned out to be potato chip knitting. I can't stop once I start. It's a brilliant pattern. It's All Tricks No Treats by Amy Gunderson and it comes in a crochet and knit version. That Madeline Tosh yarn is a dream to work with. This hat won't need a lining-it's that soft.

I also discovered that some of the boxes hold a surprise. Day 7 had a plastic bag that held.......

....a Halloween themed stitch marker necklace. There are several designated rest days where you get a treat instead of yarn. How cool is that?

And........I spent a small fortune yesterday buying the yarn and the patterns for the advent calendar KAL Arne and Carlos just published. I have always wanted some little sweaters for my tree and this may be the year. 


  1. Loving that hat and the stitch markers are pretty neat too. A great idea to break it up. I've always wanted to knit little sweaters for the tree too but always have too many other gifts on the go.

  2. Love the hat and how cool to get surprise gifts on some days. The tiny sweater advent calendar should be fun!

  3. Great hat, but that mini sweater is fabulous!

  4. Love the spooky little charms.

  5. You needed the treats for projects--nice and quick ones that start and finish in less than a year--now that is a treat! lol The hat is beautiful!

  6. I think Jimmy Beans is a great place to order from! Cute projects!