Saturday, October 23, 2021

On the Road Again


Look what showed up earlier than expected. It's my new laser level. 

How cool is that? Of course I still have to figure out how to actually use it but that's for another day.

Today we are going to take that long drive up to Daughter's again to meet the very latest Grand for the first time. Son and DIL drove down yesterday from Michigan with him and are here for a weekend visit. Since I finished the last of the Christmas gift socks I spent yesterday tearing up the house trying to decide what to cast on next.

I can't take that long drive without something to knit. I'm about ready to jump out of my skin from excitement as it is. I can't wait to meet the new little guy. It's been a long time coming. 


  1. A fun new toy for you, BUT, a new grandson is even more exciting! Whoo-hoo! I'm so happy that you get to meet him in person. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Oh, the tile will wait--what is more important than a new grandbaby?!?!?! Have a safe drive and a good knit until you arrive!

  3. Enjoy the visit with the new grand!
    I couldn't use a laser level - it would just prove how crooked everything is in my home!! :)

  4. Enjoy your visit and make sure you get lots of cuddles with the little guy!

  5. Have a very happy visit! Safe travels!

  6. I hope you have a wonderful time with the newest member of the family! Congratulations!

  7. Your excitement is something so joyful. I need to hear about other's joy right now! a baby!!