Saturday, October 9, 2021

Closer and Closer

Here's a glamour shot for all of you that were asking about the new quartz counter and a peek at my new giant sink. The quart is called Gray Expo and it looks like someone threw salt and pepper all over a plain gray counter top. I like it which is a big relief. I was really nervous about my choice but it looks really nice with the light gray cabinets. 

Speaking of cabinets, look what's finally here. It's the one for over the refrigerator that we forgot to originally order. I can't say enough nice things about the customer service at Allen & Roth. They put in that special order for us even after the collection was discontinued. 

Hopefully we can put it up today and start the tedious task of attaching that giant box of handles. I never put handles on my old cabinets but you can't open these without one so handles it is. I never knew how expensive they were and how many you need. It's surprising. 

When we made the long trip out to Lowes yesterday to pick up the cabinet we went ahead and got the tile for the backsplash. It's plain white subway tile. I know. It's boring but I don't have another creative thought in my head about the kitchen anymore. I just want it done. I need some normal and I need it bad. 

Living like this for 22 months has finally gotten old. 



  1. The countertop is really pretty. Looks like you'll be cooking up a storm for the holidays.

    Knobs/Pulls? I hear you. Between the kitchen, the pantry, and the main bath? 65 knobs!

  2. Closer and closer! Looks lovely. I love my BIG sink - so glad to be able to fit roasting pans, cookie sheets, etc. in it. The double sink was just annoying for me.

  3. I see order coming soon for you and your Mister!
    The countertop is gorgeous and the clean white tile will make it all just pop--good choice. At least the handles will go on easily, if time-consuming! Go, team, go!

  4. Your countertop is just perfect! You are making progress! White subway tile should look real good in your kitchen!

  5. It is fun to see it coming together Deb! We have a big sink and it is stain1ess. I do not 1ike the sink saver grate we got for it. It is difficu1t to c1ean. I end up tkaing it out to use soap and the hose on it. It is yucky. Hope you picked another type of sink saver. Im happy your are gettin gdone

  6. Aren't cabinet hardware just ridiculous in cost? Happily, I like the pulls on the cupboards here, so when we redo the kitchen (whenever that is...) we will sand and paint the wood, and reuse the hardware.