Thursday, October 7, 2021

On the Town


Today's the day the counter people are coming. Yesterday we took a day off from kitchen woes and went down to the beach. It was warm and muggy and you couldn't see across the water at all.

I would hate to run into this guy in the fog. I'm not sure what he's doing but he's climbing up the dock for some reason. I am not sure what the red thing is either. 

Beach season is over so you can walk out to the water now without paying a fee. Pup's not allowed but I walked down to test the water. It was cold and clearer than it's been. 

The local produce market was full of pumpkins and fall squash.

Several came home with me and ended up in the crockpot for some pumpkin stew. Cooking with no sink and no oven hasn't been much fun but hopefully by tomorrow I should have both. Well, maybe not tomorrow. We still have all the plumbing to do and you know how much fun that is. Good times. 


  1. LOL - the skeleton on the dock. I've seen more skeletons this year than ever before! Glad to hear your counter and sink are being installed today - hope all goes well. I love all the winter squashes. so good!

  2. This was a delightful post! The outing was good for you--thinking of you doing your countertops today--well, the workers but you need to supervise!

  3. But...countertops! It will be a real kitchen again with workspace and everything. How exciting.
    The best looks beautiful, even with the fog. I do miss living within a few hours of the ocean. It's probably one of the things we miss the most.

  4. It is Thursday and I hope all is going well!!

  5. I love seeing pumpkins everywhere. There's one farm that sells them here, and they have pumpkins of all sizes lining the road for about half a km on either side of their driveway! It looks awesome.

    I hope you counter install goes smoothly!

  6. The red thing might be a folding chair. I hope the counter installation went without a snag.