Sunday, October 24, 2021



I know you were expecting baby pictures today but I didn't want to drag my computer with me on our overnight stay to see the new baby Grand so that post will have to wait until tomorrow. How about some glamour shots of Pup in the meantime?

It's her eighth birthday today and I can't believe it's been eight years. I still think of her as a pup.

Our girl was officially a senior doggo on her last birthday and it's breaking my heart to see her run through her years with us so quickly. Where does the time go? 

Happy birthday Maggie! You may be an old girl now but you will always be Pup to me. 


  1. She is a beautiful pup! Happy birthday, Maggie. I hope there were lots of treats to enjoy!

  2. She can't be eight! She is definitely still a puppy!

  3. Deb, Maggie is so darling. That face! THey grow up too fast, our pets. Hope to see the baby photos soon

  4. She is so cute! Is she a Havanese?

  5. I send happy birthday wishes to you, Maggie! You will always be a pup to us, too!

  6. She has another name? I always thought it was Pup! She's beautiful and will be with you many more years. Enjoy her!
    Happy Birthday Maggie!

  7. Happy Birthday sweet girl! All dogs are pups in their hearts, I truly believe.

    Please give her a kiss from me.