Friday, October 1, 2021

October Fright Club!


I've been looking forward to the October 1st start of the Fright Club knit along ever since I saw this kit on Twitter. I get to cast on today.  You know I won't be able to keep up with that 13 day schedule with all the stuff I have going on but I'll give it my best shot of getting it done by Halloween.

I tried so hard to get the lining of the Olympic hat done by today so that project would be out of the way when Fright Club started but I'm not even halfway. Oh,'ll keep. 

I did finish one of the Walrus man socks and started the second. I got a few more inches on the Base Camp twins. Those colors are pooling rather weirdly so this may be another fail. We'll see. 

I'm sad about not participating in Inktober this month but my days are working in the kitchen and the nights are filled with working on this. I've got the postage stamp part finished and the inside border on. Now I am working on some piano keys for the edge. 

It is all Dad's lady friend's material but I did add one little piece of one of Dad's favorites. It's the green one. He used that material in almost everything. I thought I should add a little piece of him in there too. 

Today may be October first with lots of fun stuff to look forward too but what I am really going to be doing is helping The Mister install the dishwasher. The bad news is that I still won't be able to use it until the sink is installed but the good news is.........the counter should be here with the new under mount sink next Thursday! Hopefully my new stove will be delivered on Monday making it even better. Could I be this lucky? Is it finally my turn for a little kitchen karma? I sure hope so. 


  1. Sending good kitchen karma vibes! Looks like maybe you'll have an all-together kitchen by the cooking holidays, otherwise known as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  2. Oh I hope so too! A sink AND a stove. Won't that be wonderful? I think your socks looks great and the quilt will be done before you know it since you have all of the tiny squares done.

  3. You’ve waited a loooong time for kitchen karma . . .

    I love that you added your Dad’s favorite green fabric to the memory quilt.

  4. You're definitely deserving of some kitchen karma!
    All your projects look great!

  5. Love that quilt! Is it going to be a wedding gift? Nice knitting projects, too!

  6. I can't believe you have been without a functioning kitchen for so long. You DEFINITELY deserve some kitchen karma!!
    What a great idea to add that piece of green fabric. Such a nice, loving touch.

  7. Yes hoping for kitchen karma for you! Nice that you added a small piece of your Dad's fav fabric!

  8. Nice projects -- and definite progress is apparent! And good kitchen news! Finally!