Monday, November 1, 2021



Some of you get all googly about October but it's November that gives me all the feels. It's when fall usually starts around here even though this year we're still waiting. The worst thing about November is that Inktober is over.  Here's this year's 31. I can't believe I did it with everything else going on.

The last four are Crispy-air fried tofu, which I am living on thanks to the kitchen mess. Patch-I got a patched up scarecrow in a pumpkin patch. Slither is a blue tailed skink. They always seem to get in the house and I'm always rescuing them from the cats. Risk is Covid of course. Everything seems like a risk these days. This one taught me that I have no idea what a hypodermic needle looks like. I should have done some homework on that one before I tried to draw it. It's pretty bad but it gets the point across, eh?

These are the tools I used this year. I don't think I spent more than 10 minutes on any of them. It was slap and dash all the way but it was fun and something to look forward to at the end of the day.

This pile now joins the other three piles of Inktober pasts. I really need a way to organize all this but I really like working on those tiny watercolor blocks. A big sheet of blank paper scares me to death. 

And......Halloween wasn't a total bust yesterday. In spite of the mess on the boardwalk they managed to still hold the Puppy Parade. Pup had a ball-kind of. She hates wearing a dress, she hates crowds and loud noises but other than that she had a good spite of not having a working kitchen I managed to figure out a way to make my mom's Halloween donut recipe. I had to fry them in an electric skillet and use olive oil but I got it done. It's just not Halloween without them. 


  1. Pup looks really cute in her dress. So sweet. I can't believe you made donuts in your kitchen! You're a glutton for punishment aren't you?
    Great job on the Inktober projects. I can't believe you finished those either. Amazing with all you have going on.

  2. Pup is so cute dressed up! Those donuts look delicious...I made some pumpkin bread with fresh cranberries and pecans. Yum!!

  3. Oh, good for you!!!! I finished mine, too but the last ones were not inspiring to me so are kinda duds! Pup looks so cute! Glad you were able to get out and keep some of your 'traditions'!

  4. I think your Inktober turned out fabulous! You really have a talent for illustration! You get so much done even with your kitchen mess! Amazing to me!

  5. Could you put your little inkings in an old-style photo album (when people still printed photos). If they are the right size, they'd be all nice and organized, and you could flip through and admire them whenever you wanted.

    And pup is ADORABLE in her dress

  6. Yum! Homemade donuts are much better than those on the store. Pup looks adorable in her costume. It’s been fun seeing your Inktober sketches - thanks for sharing them

  7. Doughnuts look great! Pup is just adorable in that dress!

  8. Pup is adorable in her Halloween dress. Oh face it. She's adorable ALL the time, but the dress is very cute too.

    Those doughnuts look delicious. Thanks to Vera, I had some very fine pumpkin bread to snack on for Halloween.

  9. Oh dogs are so fun in dresses. Sorry PUP

  10. Love that puppy and her dress! Wherever did you get it?