Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Tiny Needle Tuesday


I think I've done enough on the Toy Tree Sampler-at least until the little bundle lands safely. In the meantime I thought I would finish up this old gem but it gave me a big scare. In the chaos I am living in not a room has been spared and that includes the sewing/soap room. In the jumble of things I couldn't find the chart to save my life. I spent a very long time in panic mode searching through every project bag or box with no luck. 

I finally found it stuffed in with yet another sheepy project that needs finishing. This one to be exact. Crisis averted. 

In the afternoon sunshine that we are now getting through the front window, I finished not one but two 10 by 10 blocks on the chart and felt very happy about it. I also put the chart in plain sight. I can't miss it now.

I was feeling so pleased with myself that I even got a little forest stitched on the bookmark before dinner. It's so nice to have the sun back now that the leaves are gone. 

Speaking of leaves, before fall is officially over I decided I better put a stitch or two on the crewel project. I did those four small gold leaves in the top right hand corner. I wasn't really a fan of this sort of thing but I have to say I didn't hate it last night.

And........I have to thank bloggy friend Sandflies for this surprise package that showed up yesterday. After spending the morning wrangling tile yet again it was a most welcome treat on a very cold and blustery day. Thanks!!!


  1. Love your stitching, and glad you found the chart. I had forgotten about your crewel project, but it is so pretty. What flavor is the Christmas Blend coffee?

  2. Nice to see some long lost stichery projects brought out again! I really like the leaves! Glad you the chart--so frustrating to lose things!

  3. Oh my gosh......you surely would not want to lose the pattern when you are that far along. I'd have been in panic mode too.

  4. You did a LOT! I love all of your projects that you have going on, especially the first two. Of course you know how I feel about sheep! :-)
    Nice gift from Sandflies, very thoughtful.
    We're also living in a construction zone now. I thought it would be limited to the bathrooms. Now how silly was that? We had to empty out the closet in our room so they could have attic access. The office and guest room are FILLED with stuff, including my washer/dryer and the toilet! Dennis can barely get to his desk. I sure hope he doesn't have a zoom call with anyone important.

  5. Whew, glad that you found the chart for the sampler and have it tucked into a safe space.

  6. What a fun surprise, COFFEE! I 1ove each of your projects. So g1ad you found your pattern for the stitchery ..The sun is out here which motivated us to go for a walk.
    The sun hie1ps me so much.