Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Wednesday WIPs


We had an unexpected day off from the kitchen drudgery yesterday so I got to spend some quality time with my knitting baskets. It rained all day so we couldn't get the tile cutting equipment out on the deck.  My twofer stripey socks are a bit lop-sided. I guess I've been favoring one over the other. 

My Fright Club redo hat is still potato chip knitting. I hate to put it down. 

I decided to go traditional with the baby Dogstar. I was going to put some color in the yoke but why tinker with a classic combination. 

The last sleeve on Festive Doodle is heading down to the wrist which is a good thing because it is finally sweater weather around here. I'm wrapped in a shawl right now and ....gasp, I have socks on. It's about time the weather matched the calendar.

Speaking of calendars, in the month of December I need to come up not only with my Christmas cards but also with 30 of something like this. Daughter is giving a friend a baby sprinkle in February for her soon to be baby girl and this is the stamp set she decided on. I would complain about the work but isn't this just the cutest? Squee.......


  1. So much to like here. All of those projects. I love them all. But that card. Squee is right! It's darling. We find out in 3 days what gender our newest grandchild is. I'm so excited.

  2. Very cute cards! The weather took a leap down the temperature hole!

  3. Beautiful knits! I adore the colorful hat and sweater. I struggle knitting with two colors in a simple design.

  4. Oh fun! Thta card is going to be so cute. Love your projects Araignee - they are all just so gorgeous!