Saturday, November 6, 2021

Field Trip


I felt as forlorn as Pup looks at finding myself in Lowes again yesterday morning. 

The second wall does not have a window but it does have a fancy range hood to tile around so we went looking for options to make our numbers come out right in order to center the tile over the stove. We have no idea if any of this will work but it's all they had that matched our tile.

I'm going for a rather minimalist look in the kitchen itself but I thought I would get wild and crazy with the 36 by 36 inch landing between the wood floor and the new laminate. I found this tile that I loved and bought a few of them to see if they would work but alas......they do not. Too small. Numbers. Again. I hate numbers. 

But.......the day was not a total loss. When I got home this was waiting in the mailbox. 

My princess stamp and die set has arrived! If I hadn't been so tired when we got home I would have run downstairs and started making princesses but instead Pup and I took a long nap. All those numbers were making my head hurt. 


  1. I feel your pain. I was at Lowes today. We go back tomorrow. I'm trying to choose a new floor color for the bathrooms and nothing is working.
    Love that tile with the design and I'm really sorry it won't fit. So frustrating.

  2. Your Pup is so cute (and privileged!) Choosing the "right" stuff for remodels is tough, I agree!

  3. The tile you picked out is so pretty--sorry it won't work. (if it is off by a little, you can make your grout area wider--it might work!)

  4. I imagine tile math is much like quilt math.... not fun! But it will look so great when you're done.

  5. Sad! The too small tile is really pretty!

  6. Hope you conquer the math and the tile! :)