Thursday, November 18, 2021

Wild and Woolly


We didn't get a darn thing done on the kitchen again yesterday but we did get a grocery pick up and I did finish Festive Doodle. I love it. I tried it on and it fits perfectly. It could be a bit longer. I'm not one for the new cropped sweater trend but I will forgive this one because it looks amazing. I'm already thinking about another one in a different color but that's for the future. 

Right now I want to clear everything out of the WIP baskets so I can get started on my little advent sweaters and that means I have to finish Dog Star. The yarn is here so I've got no excuse. I've just got the neck ribbing to do.

It came in this order of Knit Picks goodies. For some reason I ordered two skeins of Static in the same colorway. I'm not sure how I did it but I can probably make use of it somewhere. I also threw in some more WOTA in superwash for maybe another Dog Star if I am so inclined come January. 

That's all the woolly news but how about some wild? This is my bathroom. They are calling for it to get really cold this weekend so I am washing my way through my knit wear to make sure it's not dusty. I've learned the hard way to make sure everything gets a bath before I wear it for the first time. For me this is the sneezin' season. Wool and dust are a terrible combination.  


  1. I'm sure glad you can wear you're woolens as long as you wash the first.
    The wristwarms are so fast and will only use abou3 /4 - 1 skein. I hope all is well with the two of you and Giroux of course.

  2. Beautiful finish on Festive Doodle!!!! The woolen wash day is a sure sign of the change in season!

  3. Doodle looks amazing! Well done!
    I'm sure you'll have Dogstar done today!

  4. Oh my! Festive Doodle is a masterpiece! I love it. And dog star is very nice as well. What are your "little advent sweaters?" I don't remember you mentioning them before. KnitPicks has such great yarn!

  5. Both of those sweaters are amazing Deb!

  6. Looks like you have some good choices to beat back the cold.

    Congrats on the sweater finish.

  7. Nice yarn! Good for you a very nice finish!:)