Saturday, November 20, 2021



We got some of the drywall up yesterday. It took us forever to level out all those twisted studs and to move out those outlets.The back of that wall looks like a patchwork quilt-in wood. We are going to add even more wood at the top so we can attach that heavy stainless steel back splash thingy right to it instead of tile or the drywall. It's slow going but at least The Mister seems to be having some fun with it.

Speaking of reconstruction...I showed off a completed Festive Doodle the other day but when I turned it inside out and sat down to do all the weaving in I made a big decision.

I decided to rip back the cast off edge at the hem and put it back on the needles. Not so much for length but to stop the hem from flipping. I hate ribbed hems that flip. I need at least a 3 inch hem to keep it where it needs to be and Festive Doodle comes up short. I've got plenty of green left over so I thought why not. 

Last night I also got around to deconstructing the baby blanket blocks. I've got to cut all those big nine patches in half and them put them all together again to make a disappearing nine patch block. It seems like all I do is take things apart anymore. I just might need a karma adjustment.


  1. I think you made a good choice with the sweater. You'll wear it more if it fits the way you like. It is WAY too pretty to just sit in the drawer.

  2. I know what you mean about the sweater--I feel the same way! I'm glad you had enough yarn to lengthen the ribbing! The kitchen wall is shaping up! Here's to a job well done!

  3. Since so many off the walls in here were paneled, when we put in the dry wall, we had to move all the outlets and switches forward so they would be flush with the thicker drywall... it was one of those time consuming little jobs you just dont think about until you have to do it!

  4. If you need and find that Karma adjustment, heaven knows I need it too. G1ad the Mister isn't hating every moment of reconstruction! Your hem turn wou1d buy me too

  5. You will be so glad that you did the reconstruction jobs. Especially the wall and the sweater. And progress IS being made. Just wait until you're cooking in that awesome kitchen.