Monday, November 15, 2021

The Long Haul


For those of you still interested in the kitchen....we are going to rip out that wall where the counter doesn't meet the tile. Seeing that we are heading into year 3 of the Great Kitchen Debacle we thought we might as well at least try to get it right. We spent most of the day rearranging the former construction mess so we could have room to work and tomorrow we will clean up all the old debris we drug outside. On Tuesday we'll rip it all out to the studs and start again. Sigh. We WILL NOT be re-tiling over the stove. We don't have the talent so I've got some things on the way that hopefully will work on that part of the naughty wall. For the rest of the day I finished up the Christmas cards and.........

.....made piles of princesses to get a jump start on all those shower invitations. I'll probably be pretty tired at night after the demolition starts so it's best I get these things done asap. 

It's a darn good thing I won't be needing this baby quilt finished any time soon. It may take a lot longer than I had hoped. 


  1. Oh WOW! Sorry to hear there will be more demolition. It's never ending!! Hope it all goes well.

  2. Devastating! I'm so sorry. Keep on with as much as the creative progress as you can to keep your spirits up!

  3. Oh my, what a job with the remodel....hope you have success:)

  4. At least you have a plan!

    Dave and I spent the afternoon arguing over how best to put a door on our shed (it's missing the door and part of one wall) before winter really hits. He loves to go off all half cocked without a plan and buy supplies, start the project, then get into a panic because he doesn't have enough stuff to finish it, then get more panicked because he can't get supplies. I told him this time, we were not buying ANYTHING for the shed until he showed me a plan, with measurements, and a full list of supplies. I ended up having to make the plan AND list, but at least I know we'll get what we need. It took him three trips to the hardware store to paint the basement floor because he kept buying one can of paint at a time, instead of measuring and figuring out just how much he needed! One of these days I'm going to start drinking because of him!

  5. Love the Christmas cards! You’ll be much happier with the wall if you take the time to correct it.

  6. Pi1es of Princesses !!!!! 1ove it. So so sorry about the kitchen. I'd be pu11ing out my hair!

  7. Oh Deb! I'm sorry about the kitchen. Poor you and The Mister. You are both in my prayers.
    At least the princesses can console you. They are so sweet.