Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Tiny Needle Tuesday


I didn't get one stitch done on any of my samplers this week but I did get the binding done on the memory quilt. 

I usually like sewing on binding but this was a real chore because that cat material is a decorative weight and pushing a needle through it was no fun. I am now going to throw it in the wash and hope for the best because it's made of some really old, funky material being held together by a prayer.

And............I've got another big finish to show off. THE TILING IS DONE. I can't believe it. It was such a long, tedious process. If anyone tells you subway tile is easy to install don't believe them. The Mister and I have tiled many a wall and many a floor and this was without a doubt the worst of the worst.

The big hero though was the laser level. It made lining everything up easy. The big zero were those horrible spacers. That's what I get for buying something just because it had good reviews on Amazon. 

We may be one step closer to being done but this mess is still the big picture. Today we clean the tile and get it ready for grouting. Then hopefully I can get some plumbing done. If I don't get running water soon I think I will lose my mind. 


  1. Oh Debbie, it looks beautiful! I can't wait to see it finished. I know you're even more excited about it. You're almost there.
    The quilt is looking great too.
    We just paid half to floor refinishers to lock our place in for January. We're having the living room, dining room,hall and stairs going upstairs done. I really didn't care if they were done or not, but Dennis really wanted them redone.

  2. The tiling looks great! And the memory quilt - what a gorgeous quilt that is.

  3. Love the cat fabric on that quilt! I use very small hand quilting needles to sew the binding down. I find they glide right through the layers of fabric, no matter how thick!

    Hooray for (almost) finished tile!!! Hopefully the rest will come together quick!

  4. I don’t sew binding by hand anymore. I use a serpentine stitch on my machine, and it works and looks great. Yahoo for getting the tile all placed!

  5. That tile looks great! I love that kitty fabric. I'm not doing any stitching but should be; instead I'm making apple crisp and have my fingers crossed that the power stays on!

  6. Oh Deb!!! Your are sti11 1iving 1ike the Amish or something. No running water? But 1ady your ti1e is amazing

  7. Another huge accomplishment checked off the list! And the glimpse of the kitchen on the other side of the mess is fantastic! How bright and inviting! Soon.....