Sunday, November 7, 2021

Pretty in Pink


In spite of lots of kitchen work getting done I managed to find a little time last night to play with my new princess stamp set. 

They weren't the only new things I got to play with. I've got new alcohol markers. I got the green ones for Daughter's invitations a few weeks ago and I got the gray set for our Christmas cards yesterday. 

I needed the gray because I've got a lot of mountains color. 

As for the kitchen, we put in 5 hours yesterday and got this far on that second wall. They probably tiled the entire New York subway faster than we will have finished two walls in a kitchen. I blame it on age. The age of our bow walled house and the age of the tile setters. If I'm not goofing something up, The Mister is. 


  1. OMG! The princesses and your Christmas cards are adorable! I'm also impressed with your tile work. Plain tiles are hard enough, but tiles with a pattern... Good luck!

  2. :) You two probably shouldn't charge by the hour if you get jobs laying tile:)

  3. Those princesses are so cute as are your Christmas cards. I love how you "color" them.
    The tile is looking great and I'm really impressed with you two.

  4. the cards are all so great--looks like it is fun to make, too! The kitchen is getting there! What a story about this renovation!